17 years old , first real urge

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It's day 58 without PM , and day 16 no PMO . I woke up today and just layed in bed for a couple of minutes, while i layed there some taughts about having sex with my girlfriend poped in ,some kind of fantasy that i did not want ....than i decided to take a nap , cuz i did not had much sleep last night. Than the urge hit me, i got a nice erection for a couple of moments and than it just continued erect but not 100% , betwin 60-70% and it lasted for like 5 minutes. I think this is great , becouse it is my first urge that i encountered. But i can't figure it out, the fantasy with my girlfriend , it is a good or a bad thing?(not the fantasy itself, but the thing that i just taught about it) I have a feeling that it's not a bad thing. I wonder if this is my libido :-?



and enjoy it. There's no "good" or "bad" in recovery. Just notice what you notice. Intentionally heating yourself up can be counterproductive, but if it isn't...great.

But i did enjoyed it really,

But i did enjoyed it really, I really liked to get it out of my pants hard and feel it for a second, my body was covered in motivation in that moments, awesome feeling ! I think i'm in flatline period, i am not sure if this can happen during flatline, i hope so.