17 years old rebooting

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So here it is, day 63 no PM, and day 22 no PMO . I have some questions that no one seemed to have the answer for me. Since I strated the reboot, i had frequent wet dreams (1 dream/2-3days/a week top) Is this set back my reboot? Wet dreams can occure during flatline? Usualy when i get a wet dream , i don't dream about porn, but i never get to the sex part becouse i ejaculate soon as the action starts. But last night a got a wierd dream that i don't remember really well. I was fapping to porn but it wasn't porn, it was wierd, i think it was a POV or something (anyway this happend very quickly, like i was in the middle of the dream, got erect, porn magicaly appeared in front of me and ejaculate, done) Anyway , the reboot process is going pretty good, i feel much much better , anxiety and depression are on low and i'm starting to get very good moods. Down there, not much is happening, no random erections, rare morning woods. But i am confident and i think i will see progress soon. Besides that i had another 2 dreams where I had to break up with my girlfriend and i was felt torn apart, like the sky colasped on me. So today isn't such a good day, today i feel down and depressed , I didn't see her for 4 days and did not talk for 2. It feels like shit !



I really admire your decision to sort this out at age 17. Glad you're seeing some benefits.

Honestly, some guys feel the neurochemical ripples from wet dreams, and others don't. Also, some guys find the symptoms ease over time. Either way, the "cloud" seems to pass pretty quickly. See: http://yourbrainonporn.com/wet-dreams

Try to stay focused on healthy things that make you feel good...even if they don't seem to be "working" while the cloud is around. Exercise and meditation are great, for example. So are socializing and time in nature.

It's normal to feel anxious off and on during withdrawal. Try to stay a bit detached. Your mood just bounces around a bit.