Day 11, February 14th 2012; dead wood

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Something interesting happened yesterday: for the first time in my life, as far as I can remember, I did not have an erection when I woke up. At first I thought it was an anomaly, but the same thing happened today, so in all likelihood it is connected to the rebooting. A couple of days ago I wrote that my penis had been unusually small, but at that time I was still having the morning erections (although they are usually not full), but funnily enough it has now returned to normal size.

I had extremely strong cravings during the weekend, but those seem to have lessened now as well. They are there for sure, just not as strong as before.

Oh and there is Valentine's day of course... I'm really hoping my ex will get in touch with me today, but that's probably just idle hope... I think I will give her a call somewhere at the end of the week and will invite her to have a cup of coffee somewhere. I still have good hope for us, but seeing her in real life a month after the breakup, a little over three weeks after the last time I contacted her (letter) and almost 6 weeks after actually seeing her for the last time will probably make it clear it there is any hope whatsoever, or if I should put her behind me permanently...

Time to subscribe to the gym this afternoon, need some distraction!
(bloody snow is keeping me from running outside)