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My 3 months without orgasm

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So, I went about 3 months without orgasm. In this time, I did edge and watch pornography. I just could not quit. However, for whatever reason I found myself able to control my orgasm and completely abstain in that sense pretty easily. A few notes:

I had a sweetheart waiting for me overseas, which gave me the motivation needed to see it through. Without her, I don't think I would have been able to do it.

A chance for extended Karezza soon, after some advice.

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Here's the situation:

I'm 26. Have used too much porn in the past. Have never had a relationship, but am relatively sexually experienced - though it has always been with women I have no feelings for and am only moderately attracted to.

At the moment I'm at about 7 weeks without orgasm.

In about 6 weeks from now I'm going to meet a girl I met while on holiday, and will spend a few months with her.

I've never felt so attracted to a woman like I am with her. Her touch gives me butterflies and her smile makes my heart melt.

Different environment, still the same

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The fact that I've been consumed by porn shows, I think, that i have a major character defect. I don't believe I consciously chose to be addicted, but the fact that there was no choice makes things worse. It means that my very nature is slovenly and weak, that in a modern environment this is just my natural state.

Fetishes and paraphillias while abstaining

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When I'm really stressed and horny, my more unconventional sexual behaviours begin to rear their heads. Things that I generally keep under control and see as inferior and less pleasurable than partner sex suddenly feel really thrilling. For me, it's exhibitionism, voyeurism and panty sniffing. I don't want to do these things because afterwards I feel extremely ashamed because they involve invading another's privacy, or imposing myself on them.

As time goes by it gets harder, not easier.

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I usually look at amateur sites. The thought of all the new stuff on there after 2 weeks is extremely exciting - let alone after a few months +.

I think the most difficult part about excessive porn use is that the longer you go without, the more that new content builds up, & the more tempting it is.

Anyone tried therapy?

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Just curious. I've tried beating this thing by myself & keep failing miserably. I need to try a different approach, & have decided to start seeing a sexual psychologist. It's going to be reasonably expensive, & I can't see how I'll get any information that I wouldn't get here, but maybe having someone to actually physically speak to and empthasize with me will help something click in my brain & create more success.

Emptiness and anxiety.

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I made it to around 12 days without P & O, but days 9 - 12 were horrible. For the first few days I'd tell myself that the negative feelings that accompany, and linger after a porn binge are worse than relieving the restlessness and temptation I felt in that very moment.

Reconciling Karezza with Masculinity

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The last few weeks this has been giving me trouble. I've been feeling down, so my ego has been pronounced & fragile.

In the sexual world, it seems as though whether they admit it openly or not, most women want to be ravished. There are exceptions, sure, but on the whole if a man does not take charge & fuck as if overcome by desire, he's seen as weak & less attractive.

Good & Bad Sources of Dopamine

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I'd to make a list, input much appreciated. Here's what I have to start with.


Exercise (Gym)
Exercise (Sports)
Friendly competition with friends
Socializing with friends


Video Games*


Junk Food
Unhealthy risk taking

*I'm not sure how much Dopamine Karezza releases, & videogames with no end point such as world of warcraft could be considered by some in the bad category.

The Male Period - Explanation for Relapses?

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I have relapsed at roughly the same point about 4 times now. & while I have never monitored it, I've always felt my mood seems to go up & down with a fair amount of regularity- the only difference being the severity of the swings, not their existence. They are always there.

I was reading a little about the male "period".