what to do when your libido is down?

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hi guys, just thought i post something on my progress today.Still going strong with my reboot programme and will keep doing so till i get my morning wood back although i still get small erections in the morning.I think am not doing bad since my dick is not dead and lifeless like the first days.I can feel it alive but there are no spontaneous erections yet.
I think i mentioned that i got a break-up with a girl prior to this reboot process, my libido is low and i don't feel that interested with charting up with girls right now.I just feel like developing myself first and improve my overall sexual health before i start to ponder on starting another relationship.
I can just picture myself with a healthy sexual health and free of porn for good which at times just makes me feel like smiling.I think its really possible!!


after flatline

as long as you don't masturbate, your libido will be pretty healthy :)

Meantime, exercise, meditation, keeping really busy...and trying to get into as many social situations as possible is just what the doctor ordered.