Additional benefits of Karezza are already showing up

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My hair grows faster. It is remarkable. And I think I am getting more hair on a bald spot on the top of my head.

Also, Sparkles is looking objectively younger and prettier even than before. She gets remarks from people she works out with. What is she doing? She looks more youthful. It is obvious to me and to everyone else who knows her.

And today someone I see occasionally remarked about my appearance, happier looking, younger looking, something like that. He isn't one to make these observations normally. I think I am differerent and people who know me can see it.

It is a nice benefit of this way of life. Amazing really. But it makes all the waking hours better and shows up to others already and it hasn't even been three months that we've been at it.

I also feel more focused and the big thing is, I had a rough spot in my business, a huge rough spot. It's over now and even at its worst, it wasn't nearly as bad as it would have been. And it stayed bad for a week or so. This is a prosperous way of living.

I feel I already have great wealth just by living this way. And here's why, maybe: we men and probably women too "can't get enough". Or with the old style mating sex that's true. With this Karezza way of life it isn't true. We get a lot. And it's so pleasurable and wonderful how it makes the whole day so nice to think of those memories of being together in the morning and how it felt and the connection. Nothing better.

When we have this, we already have so much.

And others recognize it somehow too. How do they know?





Thats great to hear. Some questions: does your wife still occasionally orgasm?
Do you? Or have you been successful in avoiding it? My wife and I were most successful in karezza last year, and we had s few weeks of bliss there. It's been harder now with a baby, but reading posts like yours is encouraging.

Yes both of us avoid orgasm

Wife's had maybe three since the beginning of the year and I've had none for at least 90 days. This is my new way of living and we've both taken to it.

I think it would be great if you got into it again if you feel it would serve. But everyone has to take to this on their own terms. Occasionally I will be needy and annoying with my wife, even this past Sunday I was a bit that way. But it's totally worth it.


I just read a part in my Osho book about how millions of people go through their entire lives only experiencing the two basic chakras (birth and death) and never experience the love, heart, etc., chakras.

It sounds like you have started to open up and are feeling the benefits of that consciousness. I'm so happy for you both.