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In my world all is very good. Karezza continues. Nothing has changed, which is good.

Cause and effect...lots of sexual abundance in my world, material abundance and good health continues along with it.

When I started here, maybe 6 years ago, I went back and read old threads avidly.

The regulars who posted those aren't posting much or at all anymore and I understand why. You reach a static point in this part of life, "good static", in a way, stuck in incredible connection and abundance, and it takes a lot to mess that up so we end up in that wonderful world and there is just no reason to improve or change it. Reaching out here is unnecessary and falls by the wayside.

I wish the regulars would visit more often but I understand why they don't.

Most people own problems that they feel forever stuck with. They participate in forums and identify with their problem. 

In the case of sex, that goes on too. But here, once people "get it", it stays "got" and they have no reason to stick around.

I'm still here and still visit every day and I am grateful for you all, especially Marnia and Gary, for making this new world possible. I have to thank The Regulars here even if they are no longer here.



What a lovely post

You definitely have a way with words. It's my fault that things are so sluggish here. I barely approve anyone to post due to unpleasant experiences with trolls in connection with our porn work. That means traffic is falling in this funny little corner of the world.

But I'm still grateful to those who post their experiences. It takes courage to try something so...counter-culture.

who needs bitcoin when you have Karezza

I had some friends "in the know" advise me to buy Bitcoin a year ago which, if I had done that, I'd be filthy rich right now. I didn't buy any. But if I had a choice right now to go back in time and I could only pick one: buy bitcoin or learn about Karezza, I'd pick Karezza. So, in a sense, I'm now rich beyond measure...


I expect you've manifested more abundance in any case. It has worked that way for us (not through book sales, of course Biggrin ).

Satisfaction guaranteed

Emerson is spot on. I don't know how much my present state has to do with Karezza or the passing of time, but I am contented, sexually, these days, whereas I was frustrated before. There never seemed to be enough sex on the table, and what there was tended to be rushed. I felt perpetually hungry, hanging around the kitchen door with the perception my wife would only threw me the occasional bone.

Now, we enjoy blissful sex more often, and for longer, than at any other point in our lives. I am serene in the knowledge that any time either of us wants sex, the other wants it, too. The only constraint on our passion is circumstantial - the time and place need to be right; but that's okay as we both know the right time and place will materialise before too long.

Recently, I got rid of my entire collection of sex books - dozens of instructional, motivational and therapeutic manuals that had given me so much hope but next to zero satisfaction. I realised I hadn't looked at them in a while, and I was becoming mindful that their presence on my shelves no longer represented who I was.

Having no clear idea how to offload them without the embarassament of being thought sex obsessed, I dropped them under cover of darkness into a local charity's book bank bin. I did this once before at another charity outlet about twenty years ago with an earlier, less hardcore collection and kept having to resist buying back the familiar volumes whenever I went into their shop. I doubt very much I would feel the same way this time.

The only book I retained was The Tao of Sexual Massage. I like Karezza primarily for its complete absence of 'technique', which this book is full of; but it promises to open up energetic channels in the body that I feel might be fruitful. Our Karezza practice is what I would describe as earthy rather than spiritual and I quite like the idea of leavening that a bit. I've had the book for a few years now but it had got swamped under the sheer weight of heaven on earth promised by 'Total orgasm', 'Expanded orgasm', 'Extended orgasm',' Extended Massive Orgasm', etc, and I had more or less forgotten about it.

And yet.

Then there are those of us yet to experience this bliss, constantly frustrated in our search for any remotely sympathetic partner. It is a terribly tough and challenging world out there for those of us who desire Karezza but have not found a partner.

So- we traipze along, trying to have hope whole being open handed, realizing that our deep desires may never be realized.

Consider yourselves blessed, my friends. I am so happy for you.

I used to experience such a

I used to experience such a deep longing for that romantic and deep kind of love. I felt so alone and just couldn't understand why there wasn't someone out there for me, why no one seemed all that interested in the same thing I wanted or even seemingly, in me. And the ones that did, oh my the head games. I can't fully explain the anguish and depression I felt over all this.

However, supposedly your brain doesn't allow you to remain in a state of pain, it shuts it off somehow, At least physically, eventually you stop feeling most pain. One day, something sort of just snapped in side me, someone I was friends with and truly cared about treated me like sh** for the last time and I just decided, f**k her, but now, thinking back, it wasn't out of anger really, more of a way for me to just let go, and I started cutting people out who didn't treat me good and started noticing subtle signs sooner of someone who was just going to be sh**ty to me and I cut them out too. I stopped caring if I ever find someone.

The point is, I still would like to find someone, but the way I was going about it, focusing so much on my loneliness and all was just causing me pain and it just sort of happened, so I kind of just think my mind hit that point of pain and shut it off

This may sound narcissistic, but I am much happier now and in love with myself

There is someone in my life who wants to pursue something with me, but I just don't believe she could care as much as she claims to about me this soon, maybe that will change, but I no longer feel pain about the idea that maybe no one will truly love me that way because I just don't need it, I can live my life fine without anyone to validate me anymore. My attitude now is I'm f**king great and if you don't like me, your loss and f**k off, but I don't really feel anger toward people when I say or think this anymore, it's more of I'm writing you off, I don't need you in my life

I hope everyone who feels lonely in this world like I did can adopt more of an attitude like this of self love and no longer feeling need for any kind of approval or validation

OK, OK.....Yeah, I know....I

OK, OK.....Yeah, I know....I could post every now and then....I think about doing it and then do something else.

Yes, it is true, you discover it, and if you have a willing partner, your sex life and relationship is transformed. At first you want to tell the whole world what you’ve discovered, anyone who will listen, shout it to the universe!....become a karezza preacher! You simply KNOW everyone will absolutely WANT to do this too, how could they not! Then reality sets in with the blank stares you get over and over. Slowly karezza becomes a part of every day life and the “see the light moment” becomes a warm regular glow. I think its been like 18 years now for me, I cant really remember what “lick, pump, squirt, snore” sex even looks like. Not sure I’d remember how to have an ejaculation...well, I suppose I’d figure it out. I’ll still tell people if the moment arises even though I expect that “you gotta be kidding me” look. Its my little secret now, even if I don't want it to be a secret. Actually my partner and I council couples together and we often recommend a non-orgasm approach with some success. I’ll never stop planting the seed if I can.

On another note, Ive been planning to post here about a sexuality teacher, his name is Eyal Matsliah. He has a website called Intimate Power and offers some great information about ejaculation control and mastering your sexual energy. Although karezza isn’t all about ejaculation control it is an important cornerstone to the picture and I really like what he has to say about it. For any guy getting started he’s got some good stuff to work with. Go here.

Of course he’s got a bunch of pay stuff but this link takes you to a fair amount of excellent free information. I could have really used his stuff when I was first starting out.

Wonderful Post

The original post and the responses were the reason why I signed up for this site in the first place. The depth and breadth of "Karezza" or bonding-based relating that us kindred spirits are exploring are seemingly bottomless. I'm grateful to have discovered this alternative sexual path. I'm still in the phase where escape velocity has not yet been reached, but I've never lost a conviction in the idea that this is a far better way to experience life. After struggling for years with POIS and not understanding why I was feeling the way that I do, and then discovering bonding and having a wife that quickly warmed up to the idea is the number one entry on my gratitude list.

In 2018 my wife and I have decided to close out the past with "100 days of bonding." We've kicked porn long ago, it's time to let go of hunger and embrace warmth.

I wish all of you a bonding-based 2018 that increases your happiness, abundance, and inner peace.

[This was kind of a negative

[This was kind of a negative commentary on my situation, but I'm editing to be more scientific. And hopeful....]

Hello, all! It's so encouraging that some of you are still in the lab and still satisfied.

Recently, due to circumstances, we had a chance to experience a while without giving each other orgasms. strikingly, the separation virus was in remission!

Then, I wanted to "generously" help with his needs, but each time the disconnection afterward felt like a slap in the face. It seems completely farcical that men want and need this so intensely, and then unknowingly punish the partner right after they get it...

And then, if I also helped myself to a release of tension, I found myself pulling away from him emotionally and feeling terribly insecure.

QED, the theory holds true. (Duh, didn't I know this? And, at least I KNOW about this. So sad for all the couples who have no idea why they're crabby and selfish...)
Now, for some experiments in the bonding direction, I hope...

It seems to be the only way to learn the truth

I was no fast learner myself. Blush

So don't beat up on yourselves. It's not easy for any mammal to go against its fertilization programming. Evolution has insured that. Just keep noticing what you notice and steering for where you want to go.

And keep a sense of humor, because you'll need it.