can't make love

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okay, the reason is not that I can't, but I won't.

I sit on my side of the couch, she on hers.

We don't touch.

We don't snuggle.

What's wrong?

I have the flu and I don't want my beloved to get it.

So we are apart for a bit.

Life continues to be a complete blast. Just off the charts wonderful.

Happy New Year. 



things are not so good

I'm feeling a bit better and back to working part of the day, but still staying away from Sparkles to keep her from getting what I have. And it's kind of crappy. It makes a huge difference not snuggling or being close for days.

I think this will be a big learning experience though. When we start touching again, I wonder if it will return to what it was, or be different. This has been a sort of reset in our relationship because I'm not initiating anything at all and so there is an emptiness now. So I'm interested to see what fills it, and how it takes shape, when I'm no longer contagious. Not sure when that is, maybe today or tomorrow it seems from what I've read.

all good again

We went back to the fabulous routine except...soon I had to go away for a bit. And I've been away for a number of days. It's been difficult to be away but very beneficial as well. I've learned a lot by being away and I'm glad about that. I think there is great benefit in it sometimes, as Darryl wrote to me some months ago. Darryl you were right!

Now eager to get back and practice more Karezza and hold my wonderful amazing beloved.

I'm learning much more about connection

by reading posts from people who are sensual. It's much different than "guy talk" I've often been hearing. "I hit this." "I slammed that." And so it goes... but reading posts such as yours and others really are motivating towards what I would at least like to feel in the future - that is, being in the moment. Also, one year and going... very inspiring. As are practices exercised through Karezza.