coming once in awhile and other reflections on Karezza

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It's been for me about 6 or so years that my wife and I have been practicing Karezza and I have some thoughts I want to share with you.

I have been glorying in approaching the limits and feeling exquisite whole body pleasure in more of an active high energy form of Karezza. 

On the spectrum of let's say left/right, with left being stillness and just connection, and right being out-and-out sex almost to orgasm but not quite, I am more on the right side.

But I find that doing things this way leads to a cycle where my erections become all of a sudden really bad, and only coming will resolve that and reset the cycle. Coming isn't really that great. It's just that the ejaculation will reset things, so I ejaculate by choice. I don't seem to have negative fallout from this either.

I've talked to other guys who have had the same experience. I think it amounts to a lot of edgy sex creates high amounts of hormones that eventually kill erections. I'm not sure if it's prolactin, vasopressin, or estradiol, but it's very real and ejaculation resets it.

I also find that if I don't get so "edgy", if I stay a bit more toward the center, this doesn't seem to happen. I may come occasionally but it isn't necessary to reset the hormones. This type of coming when it happens does result in mild or strong fallout.

So my question is this, and hopefully you old-timers here still poke around now and then on this site and can answer (or you new folks who have been at Karezza for awhile). Do you men (or your male partners) experience what I am describing?





We approach Karezza pretty much the way you describe. The main differences for us between Karezza and conventional sex are that now, we take our time, we take breaks, we go for a looooong time (hours) and we skip the orgasm (most of the time).

I have noticed something similar to what you report, but I hadn't really thought about it much, but now that I look back, I think I can confirm your observations. I will be sure to take a closer look at this and report back about it in a few months.

But in the meantime, I have a couple of questions for you emerson. How often do you have sex? How long are your sessions typically? And do you ever have periods of a couple of weeks without sex? If so, do you notice if that resets things too?

Thanks for reporting your observations - it's very helpful!

Emerson, I practice more to

Emerson, I practice more to right, although I would say I say I remain more at center/right than right/center. I try not to edge, but max out at, say, 70% or so. My erections continue to improve (I am nearing the five year mark of practicing Karezza and am now 56, in perfect health, at my high school/college weight, with my resting heart rate and blood pressure lower than in my Navy officer days of 30 years ago) (hilarious, yesterday, pre K-, I had a nice stiffy which elicited a bit of a snicker from my wife). We, too, only K- for 20-30 minutes, 4-5 times per week. I feel no need to ejaculate to reset my hormones. My ocassional ejaculations have little-to-no neurohormonal component, it seems, because I never work towards ejaculation or orgasm, and my ejaculations are solely inadvertent. I like to avoid even inadvertent ejaculation as it seems to reduce my muscle tone a bit and takes a bit of energy away from me (though far much less than with ordinary orgasm from my pre K- days).

My wife participates, but as she does not believe in K-, I am the sole one consciously moving subtle energy. Oh well, I very much appreciate and enjoy the K- physical and emotional benefits I receive even with this limited form of K-. In my next physical incarnation, I look forward to full, joint Karezza!


Cant say I experience this but its quite interesting. I actually find the longer I go the steadier the erection. Its in the beginning when I’m settling into the experience that it goes up and down a bit. Once I’m in my groove I generally stay in the zone where my erection is strong and solid....kind of like Goldilocks, not too hard...not too soft. If I get to close to the edge I slow it down. If I start to go soft I pick it up a bit.

Interestingly, “picking it up” is not necessarily about more motion for me, but rather more focus. I focus in on the sensation which is better with less motion. And, I focus on “sending” the energy with every in stroke as if I’m energetically cumming. This seems to charge my “erection”, so to speak.