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The Family Guy episode that just aired, Mr. & Mrs. Stewie, has a subplot where Peter andLois Griffin is sleeping in a separate beds, and Peter misses the cuddling. So Peter proposes to Glen Quagmire that they cuddle by sleeping in the same bed. It's pretty funny actually although the main plot (Cate Blanchett guest voices) is quite dark.

I've noticed more attention recently in the popular media about cuddling and bonding behaviors in general.



I have been paying more

I have been paying more attention to this lately. As I have thought more about bonding behaviors in general, I have realized how touch-scared our society is, or at least was when I was growing up. This is not exactly popular culture but, in elementary school, I remember kids getting in trouble for giving another child a hug. Hand-holding was forbidden. And this was in a public school.

I do not have cable, and do not get to watch a great deal of TV. But if this is becoming more common I am all for it. I generally think that positive bonding behaviors are reinforced as negative at a very young age.

Hey Darryl,

I may be guilty of a little unintentional plagiarism. As a result of recent adventures in meditation, I discovered that my purpose in life is to honor and serve the divine feminine in earthly goddesses. (This popped up from my subconscious several weeks ago.) I believe this is how I have lived my life, but never articulated it before. A couple of days ago, I was reviewing my “Wisdom” file and came across this:

Fri, 2011-07-22 15:53 — Darryl
So what about the man's role? My experience is of service, that the woman is at the epicenter of all things sexual and I am built to serve her, to adore and honor her divinity in this realm, this is my role. I make my offering to the goddess and she showers me with her feminine gifts.

Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.


Well, its been a while since we've heard from you. Glad to hear things I've said touched a chord inside. As men we sure need to be reminded of our connection and role to the feminine. Wish you the best on your journey, sounds like change is a foot.