homecomings require a bit of reconnecting

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I was briefly out of town. It created a ripple for sure.

What is it about homecomings. I was away for only two days and got home and it felt like a gulf between us. Sparkles just didn't want to really connect. And hardly any cuddling. Plus we talked and she said she really likes to just kind of be on her own. It was "Day 14" talk but we're well past that.

Woke up this morning and cuddled and kissed. At first Sparkles didn't really want to kiss but then she got into it and we had long kisses. Then I entered her and it was sublime. Very still. And then she got on top. I could have lingered there for a very long time. She wanted to get up so we did.

She likes to get up and have her tea and go to exercise class, so morning connect time can seem rushed to me but I don' t say anything and I never try to slow her down. So she feels her freedom to be herself and get up if she wants although I get up much earlier and I'd sooner spend more time cuddling and having intercourse. She's not there that way, at least not yet.

I think there is something about breaking the ongoing snuggle bond that even a few days away can cause. I will consciously make an effort to really hug and connect next time I am away and come home as soon as I can when I get home.




I usually only get to see my lover every 6-7 days (sometimes more, but not often) and we find it's good for us (if we can't engage in karezza immediately) to sit in the yab yum position~~he will sit in a chair and I will sit on his lap, fully clothed, and we will just hug and let the energy cycle through us. It's a good way to reconnect when you've been apart for a few days. We try to do it immediately.

came back today from a trip

pretty much the dialog was, "do you want to have tea?" from her.

"No I want to snuggle."

So we went to bed immediately and had sweet intercourse.

Reconnecting this way instantly made me feel so wonderful. ).

She told me she had an erotic dream with me in it, "doing what we are doing now."

I asked if it was Karezza, and she said, a bit more vigorous and hot than that.

Cool! What fun!

But neither of us had an orgasm and after awhile we went downstairs and had tea.

What a way to come home. The only way to come home (and not come

I'd reccomend giving her even

I'd reccomend giving her even more time alone than two days. It helps to recenter. So what if it takes more time to get engaged? It might be worth it if the quality of her presence is improved by her time alone centering. My husband just got back after two weeks gone. i am so happy to have him back but I felt like I was just starting to reestablish my sense of my own spiritual practice. I'd like to believe we can have both, but sometimes it takes having a break to find those currents again. I believe our time together is greatly enhanced by our independent explorations in our life.