karezza: a gradual thing

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We've been having intercourse almost every day and I've observed that slowly, slowly, I think some real desire is coming to Sparkles.

But the other day, we were talking And I pointed out that the Tantra books I've read all sort of say desire is not only not needed, but maybe not wanted. I don't really experience that. I have very strong desire. But still. There is a point here. It's not sex like hot sex. It's a way to connect on a deep level with yourself and your partner.

No sex drive or low sex drive, so what. Everyone wants and loves to connect, right?

So that's what I told her. And I really see how this is so true.

I said it's all about the connection. Feeling the connection. And feeling my penis and how her vagina feels. Being present for all that, is it. It's All of it.

And by the way...I said, that there is a ton of sexual energy that is locked in her breasts. If there wasn't she wouldn't feel so strongly ticklish and funny and defensive about her breasts. Or the heart chakras. Woo woo. Whatever. But those breasts contain the secret to her unlocking her real true sex drive.

I think we're very slowly getting there. It may take months more. But it's fantastic.




a gradual thing

Your title says it all. Karezza unfolds and cant be pushed. The fact thats its a gradual unfolding speaks to your and Sparkels long term success. Quick changes rarely last.

thank you

that's my feeling too.

@marnia no question. Unbelievable how perceptions shift. Sure is amazing after the "you get used to each other" type of ordinariness that a relationship at best settles into...

@darryl great point, thank you. You and the community here has certainly made it a lot easier to persevere and it's been so worth it.


Great Find

I consider myself an Alchemist. I had my “great awakening” almost 2 years ago and since then my thirst for knowledge and understanding of the great mysteries of life has been unquenching. During my research I came across Sacred Sex. The esoteric goal of merging the male and female qualities has always interested me but I had difficulty discovering HOW. I began to attempt Karazza before I even knew what Karazza was. From my studies I uncovered the benefits of withholding and linked this animalistic desire to our fall from “grace”. What a joy it has been to read the posts and articles on this website. All the dots are connecting for me as it relates to immortality, opening chakras, merging male/female etc. etc. Thank you all for sharing