lube problem - any ideas?

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We've been going along quite well using lube. I was using MCT oil, but it irritated my penis. Then we moved to butter but I think my penis developed some irritation that is still going on and we can't use any lube at all that is oil-based.

I'm getting aloe vera gel today and will try that.

Any ideas are welcomed!



Alternative Approach

emerson, are you doing all you ought to on the good eating/exercise/sleep/stress reduction side of your life? A strong body reduces or even eliminates allergic reactions, in my experience. Just food for thought.

I now eat largely in the 80/10/10 Diet mode: e.g., six bananas, two oranges, and an apple for breakfast; a huge multicolored salad for lunch; and bean chili for dinner (my diversion from 80/10/10). I feel better than ever and am stronger than at anytime since age 18. For Karezza, we use grapeseed oil, and neither my wife nor I suffer irritation from it in our 5 1/2 years of use.

May glycerine or aloe vera work for you!

All oils are out

My penis is badly affected by the oils and hopefully things will return to normal.

Tried glycerin. It kind of burns my wife a little. I realize that it needs water added to it, so I’ll add a little.

Also will be experimenting with her taking a bit of vaginal DHEA, vitamin E and vitamin A with progesterone as that is supposed to be helpful.

Thank you for all your ideas and sharing your thoughts.

Rubbing D3

in vagina (it comes in little capsules) works for a friend of mine's vaginal pain. Doesn't sound like your wife's issue, but I mention it anyway, as someone else might find it useful. I can find the full description of her experience if anyone wants it. (PM is fine)