Lust versus horniness

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Two events.


We went country western dancing and we took a lesson. The instructor made us change partners every 5 minutes.

"None of these ladies are hard on the eyes," he said. "So look them in the eye or at least on their chin or forehead."

So I introduced myself to her. To Claris, to Jasmine, to Michelle, and so forth. And looked each one in her eyes.

I think in the porn days I would have felt kind of weird, a bit ashamed, embarrassed.

How sweet this was. They were each shy and sweet and wonderful. It was just a few minutes with each one, and I savored it.

I felt my gaze was clean and pure. I don't feel any sense of shame or sexual desire. I did feel that many of them were attractive. And I savored each one. And I felt a great sense of personal power and goodness with each one.

It was amazing and I highly recommend you pursue dancing.

Second event. My wonderful partner, my wife, was outside and she came in dressed in these remarkable board shorts and bikini top.

I thought, what a hot woman. I felt lust for her, not horny lust, just a good nice form of want.

I told her so and patted her butt. She is so wonderful and I am so lucky lucky lucky. She looks fantastic in a bikini top and board shorts and I feel constantly a bit of lust for her.

But it isn't sexually horny, it is more "I'm ready and I want you". It isn't uncomfortable. It's nice. I don't have a sense of neediness or "I'm not getting enough" like I used to.

This Karezza is wonderful stuff. Just for the record, no porn, no masturbation, no orgasm for about seven months on my part.



Isn't it amazing

how all contact with the opposite sex can be so admiring and yet wholesome? Our ancestors probably experienced this a lot.

I think back to my relatives, bosses and professors and most of the energy was this kind of clear boundary, no wierdness energy. Someone might genuinely admire me when I looked pretty, but there was nothing creepy about it.

I don't remember getting flustered by construction workers' whistles either. It was all a fun game. Flirting can have the same kind of wholesomeness.

Guess it really does come down to inner balance and clear perception.

Glad your goddess is gorgeous. Man in love