a new observation about self pleasure

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We continue practicing Karezza very happily. For me especially it is incredibly pleasurable and gets better all the time.

This morning I realized when I woke up in my room (we sleep separately) that I could easily feel a sort of version of that pleasure I feel with Karezza, without any penis touching or even an erection. It was not a penis experience at all.

By focusing on my root I could feel the pleasure in my whole body for an extended period of time. Not 1% as good as with my wife, but quite amazing nonetheless.

It felt like not only pleasure, but PRESENCE pleasure, and it didn't call for me doing or being anything else, just focusing on it.

I will continue with this practice on mornings when we are not doing Karezza and see how it develops.

My theory is the brain's pleasure circuitry rewires to this, and makes it very easy to feel incredible pleasure and presence if we only focus on it a little. It had never occurred to me to focus on it outside of our sexual experiences.



Makes Great Sense...

...your theory, that from practice of Karezza, we are more attuned and sensitive to pleasure, if we choose to look for and focus on such. I think I have the same thing going on, and will now pay closer attention to it. Thanks for reporting!

yes that is my theory

It came as a surprise to me. I was sitting there, relaxed and I thought, I can feel a slight amount of that "Karezza pleasure" feeling, why not just sit and pleasurably focus on it.

And by gosh, what happened then...amazing.

This could become my favorite way to meditate. It is actually so pleasurable and it is equally focused and present-oriented IMHO. I think anyway. There could be hormonal downsides. I will investigate.