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She continues having an occasional orgasm. The thawing seems to have settled down and is hard to discern but I'm sure it's there.

Today she had an orgasm and then I couldn't help it and I had one. I feel kind of drained and depressed. Kind of like I had the stuffing knocked out of me. I never noticed this before after I had an orgasm in "the old days." I don't like this feeling much at all.

Time to get back on the horse. No big deal. It's just striking to me, a huge learning experience, to notice this at this point.



Much more

Don't know why. I wasn't trying for it either. It just appeared almost with no warning. Those type are supposed to be little or no fallout but it doesn't feel that way. Perhaps although I wasn't trying, I was inadvertently building up too much sexual energy...

fallout from O-land?

We were doing Karezza and she got on top of me and then there was this void. Nothing. And after a bit she got off me and started complaining about how unhappy she is about this or that.

I got caught up in it also. We didn't argue like bickering or anything, and we both listened to the other. But it was unpleasant and to me felt like an attack. Then later she apologized.

Yesterday I had a run that was awful. Every step felt like hard work.

And I just don't feel great today, just kind of "bla". It's about 5 days after. It's possible that it's all something else unrelated but I doubt it.

I just don't know.

we didn't know better, we weren't aware...not sure. I suspect I went around in life kind of drained and feeling awkward and weak. I know that we have had a fairly harmonious relationship but we've had plenty of this kind of thing that went on this morning, but it is very rare now.

This is indeed the question...what were we doing about this before, why didn't we notice...?


My beloved had another orgasm on saturday. Shes a bit of kid in a candy store right now, to be having these long intense vaginal orgasms for the first time in her life. That's three now. After the first one i didnt notice anything. After the second a week later, she was definitely off color, snappy, and disinterested in sex on tuesday and thursday. Two weeks passed til this third one. This week she hasnt been snappy, as such, but definitely disinterested on tuesday and thursday. I can see her scratching her head trying to figure it out.

Do you guys have any ideas about how we can isolate some of the variables?

Is she aware?

Is she aware of her mood changes or is this just your observation? (do you discuss it?)

The best thing she can do is stay aware of how the orgasms may or may not affect her moods~~the knowledge is the key, I think. It allows you to take things less seriously if you know there might be something else at work.

However, I've not noticed much in the way of mood changes when I've had unplanned, spontaneous vaginal orgasms~~it's when my head gets ahead of my body that I notice a shift in mood and energy.

in the past

she would get very upset with me for mentioning it. This time, because I was relating my personal experience too (as I had an orgasm also) she didn't get defensive and kind of agreed there may be something to this.

much better yesterday and today

wow, what a huge difference a day makes. I can't believe it. Yesterday was fantastic. Couldn't have been more different from the awful day before. In every way. We had a fantastic time in Karezza and the wonderful feelings for her have re-emerged.

just as melancholy is not sadness..

feeling like the stuffing has been knocked out of me 9as i percieve it - is not alaways bad thing... it's a bit like learning to appreciate a raining day in the dark winter month mornings when you might be on your way to work and feel a wave of 'sadness' but somehow you embrace it welcome it and savour it.. i'm not trying to type a rebuttal to your statement, just putting out my personal reaction. maybe just comparing notes on life.