OMG Men, Women and Children is AWESOME

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This is a movie by the guy who did Up In The Air, and Juno.

Why post here?

Because it is ALL about porn, today's young people and middle aged people and how we are SO messed up from technology with regard to sex.

SEE IT. I watched it on Hulu. 



I'm not sure about the

I'm not sure about the trailer ( tagline as I don't assume to know much about the people I know. Urban bias perhaps. A lot goes on in people's inner lives and that manifests in all sorts of ways. That must predate the Internet. Modern communication seems to enable festering with little resolution. That might be part of the newness. Old school interactions at least required getting together with another human. That connection was probably grounding and helpful to break any mental cycle.

Trigger warning for survivors.

Hi y'all,

I watched about the first 5 minutes and had to turn it off. It was too disturbing for me. If any of you have a history of childhood sexual abuse, you might want to tread carefully. The scene about the father using his son's computer to view porn and the teenage girl talking about engaging in sexual practices that looked suspiciously like she was part of a child porn ring were just too much for me.

Thanks for directing me to it. I'm sure its great for people who aren't as troubled by the sexual victimization of children as I am, but I'll have to wait until I'm further along in my healing process.



The controlling parent and

The controlling parent and educator (en loco parentis) aspects of the film could also been triggering for some. The kids were perhaps more functional than the adults given the differences in life experience.

Off topic, but I'm curious as to what you make of trigger warning phenomenon, for lack of a better word, that is now common and posing challenges for academic faculty? Say, for example, portions of this film were shown in a your lecture. Would you want advance warning? I went to college before this was an issue and perhaps have too thick a skin.

Trigger warnings in Academia

Hi Freedom,

I've only run into the trigger warning phenomenon amongst survivors of sexual abuse who are actively pursuing their own healing. That's pretty much the extent of where I've seen it used. I find it helpful, because it gives me a heads up about content that can trigger some powerful emotions that end up simply retraumatizing me rather than helping me heal. If I see a warning like that I can be more careful around what I choose to watch. There is much in our culture that is insensitive to the needs of people who are healing at this depth so the odd warning helps.

I'm not really involved in academia myself at all anymore. I'm not sure why I'd want to be there. It isn't an environment in which love and healing have much of a place in my experience. Bodies have virtually no place at all! I have heard Jackson Katz (see: speak recently. He's a sociologist with a feminist agenda. It's not necessarily an easy place for males to be. Some of his material was shocking but I was able to steer the conversation to connect it with the underlying need for men's (and my own) healing and steered the whole conversation away from what easily could have been alienating for myself and other men. He totally got into it hence directing the context towards the need for men's healing and a culture that doesn't tolerate gender violence at all. It also helped me connect more deeply with people in my community who are involved in men's healing and preventing sexual violence. The small references to gender violence in his talk fortunately didn't overwhelm that purpose.

When academia becomes a healing circle environment, then perhaps trigger warnings will have a constructive place. Right now, I would imagine they simply add fuel to a political debate in which the greatest victim with the loudest voice and most cunning mind wins (and the quiet, less erudite ones lose. The less sensitive ones get bogged down and frustrated). It isn't an environment that generally lends itself to honouring the gifts and needs of all people. A focus on winning (politics) does that to people.

So, in answer to your question, academia already has a rather large warning pasted over it in my mind. I don't go there to heal myself, I go there to get whatever information I need and get out as soon as possible. The day academics get together to support a healing purpose for themselves, each other, and the world as a whole, I might have a place there.

I hope this helps.