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I've been here a year now, counting the lurking time, and I learned so much and my life really changed so much that it is hard to believe.

I gave up a lifetime of masturbation a year ago completely and totally without any real issues. I was thinking about that again today. How easy it was to completely and totally stop, something I never could have imagined.

I have had two orgasm/ejaculations this entire year, one planned and one accidental.

And it's been a blast. 

Today I almost went over the edge but stopped. It has taken some practice. As Darryl would say, we were playing near the waterfall. Too near in my case but I avoided an accidental ejaculation. I am so much better off without them. I don't want them. 

I think the best thing has been the daily bonding we do, making me feel unbelievably close to my partner. I don't always feel the same way about her. There is a neurochemical swing that can depend upon what I eat or don't eat and some sort of rhytthmic or cyclical thing, but by and large i feel so much more about her and with her, drinking in her feminine beauty and caring more deeply and feeling more deeply about her than ever before.

I get a lot of spontaneous feelings in my penis when I think of her, which is all the time, and I'm ready for action pretty much any time. 

So that's my story so far.




I remember when you first showed up here on the forum, such great comments and questions. I think I had been here about 40 days or so... I was already thinking myself "cured".

It is really heartening to read your adventure on the path to freedom. Now that I am back on a sober road, now 34 days, I am really inspired by your success. I'm still not totally committed to karezza but we are really talking about it and both agree it should be more a part of our life.

Stay well, and thanks for the inspiration.


happy one year karezza anniversary!! Your enthusiasm is wonderfully infectious. You offer so much here on Marnia's site. I love the way you carry the torch. Way to go Emerson.

Thanks Em

For the update. Your postings here have been very helpful to me and my wife. Happy one year Karreza anniversary! Did you celebrate, do anything special?