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A lot of guys here have said they don't feel their penis and I get that. I think we stuff our genitals in our underwear and kind of ignore them until we "need" them to urinate or for sex.

A few women here have done some breast focus and gotten some amazing results.

So in the last few days I've started meditating around feeling my penis.

Being aware of it.

Feeling it including the tip, shaft and what's underneath, the root, and the testicles.

Spending time during the day just being aware of them. And some meditation where I direct focused love to that area and project a lot of consciousness there.

I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile if you have done this, or have a suggestion, or want to try this yourself and report back, post a response. Thanks.



I'm working on, more when it

I'm working on, more when it comes naturally than as part of routine.

Have you tried energy circulation between the heart and the genitals. I'm going to try to consciously keep the flow downward to see what happens. There's a focus on bringing energy up. Maybe men (and women) need to heal the relationship with the genitals first.

How much do we really feel our body in general? I've been watching this more due to the dialogue here. Some suggest that our ideal state is a total lack of body feeling because we are then in flow. What does that mean for the penis? Energy flows without sensation?

Aren't we saying the same

Aren't we saying the same thing? You've added the nuance that feeling is distinct from thought and thus suggest that only thought is getting in the way. Without a set of agreed upon semantics, this can get confusing.

"Some suggest that our ideal

"Some suggest that our ideal state is a total lack of body feeling because we are then in flow. What does that mean for the penis? Energy flows without sensation?'

The above quote is what I was responding to. I would think that for the penis, sensation experienced through energy flows would be the ideal state. Mainly because I currently have very little sensation and can't get much energy to flow down there.

I gather people are trying to

I gather people are trying to send and receive signals in an internal loop. What if the penis isn't made for that. Maybe we're not supposed to feel much other than during sex. How does your fingertip feel when nothing touches it versus when something touches it? What about your ear? Tissues more in contact with bony structures seem to have more internal feeling, perhaps due to internal backpressure.

Does energy flow require sensation everywhere that the energy is flowing? Say someone holds you and both of your hearts are warmed. Arm muscles might not be warm despite energy flowing through the arms. What inherently makes the genitals different?

What do we mean by no sensation? Do you feel water on your penis, a breeze, temperature, your own body, clothing, etc?

Perhaps I'm not understanding what everyone is trying to do or I've unknowingly done some of it bringing me to a slightly different place.

we can be unaware of our body some times

and aware of it, very much inside it, other times, speaking of our attention and where it goes.

I think that if we lovingly feel our genitals we can begin to get much more sensation there. And it can be an anchor for us to be more present at all times.

I already practice presence awareness that centers me and helps me with my work. This is really an extension of that.

What do you mean by presence

What do you mean by presence awareness?

I'm not sure one can focus on the genitals while ignoring the rest of the body. Much is in the mind. Perhaps as part of a self-body-love regime, one has to ask would one make love to oneself, in what ways, etc?


just try it out. Sit with it. This is something to experience. It is really a simple thing. Sit down, close your eyes, and project your attention to your penis and try to feel it inside rather than see it visually in your mind. That's all. Rinse and repeat.

this has been very helpful

even in a few days of this practice I can say I have much more ability to feel my penis especially the root of the penis. Intercourse today was extremely pleasurable and I was able to sustain focus on my penis root and feel much more sensation and pleasure throughout my body. I also felt it contributed a lot to my beloved's pleasure. She reported feeling more sensation in her vagina and I could feel that as well, I could feel her feeling me in a great dance.

I have been just sitting sometimes and going inside and projecting my love and attention to that area and I can highly recommend this practice.

In addition to increasing

In addition to increasing your awareness in your genitals, may I suggest a gentle exfoliate scrub on the outside of the penis? I tried that last week and it made everything much smoother, seemed to clear up a little skin damage, and immediately increased the sensitivity on the outside. Ultimately, the main problem is in your brain. But I think exfoliation is worth a go as well.

How many days

into your reboot are you? I ask because this is a good suggestion, but do you think it would be useful for guys who've been rebooting a long time? Maybe their skin would already be back to "sensitive."

Today is Day 160 of no PM for

Today is Day 160 of no PM for me. I have had sex a few times though I still need to work on reestablishing contact with my genitals and just generally being more present in the act. I think that the exfoliation would be good for guys who've been rebooting a long time, maybe even more so than guys who are early on in their reboot and still have such a numbed out brain. I tried it because my experimentation with genital awareness made me feel how disconnected I was down there. One night, I start doing light touches and felt like I couldn't feel that much on the surface of the skin. As chronicled elsewhere on this site, I have some skin damage that has probably desensitized the shaft a little bit so I was kind of testing that out as well. I read somewhere that excessive masturbation with no lubrication can cause the skin to thicken and lose sensation, so I thought exfoliating the area would potentially remove some of that buildup. And it worked! I immediately felt smoother and more sensation down there and it's really helped me separate the lack of sensitivity in my brain from the lack of skin sensitivity (which is not really that bad anymore). I think this could be a really good practice for guys who've been rebooting a long time and are looking to jumpstart their libido and begin the rewiring process (which is where I am). It definitely made sex more pleasurable a few days later. I think it would also be really good in conjunction with the almond oil massages that you advocate. I was also going to test out light touches with a feather to start getting used to gentle sensations again. Overall, I would suggest doing the exfoliation, then using coconut oil and/or vitamin-E to protect and lubricate afterwards. I suppose this could also work for guys who are earlier in their reboot, perhaps particularly during the flatline phase. I'm definitely going to continue the practice weekly at least.

Do you think one needs an

Do you think one needs an exfoliant or would a washcloth be adequate? One could use baking soda as a gentle exfoliant.

Increased sensitivity might be due to the increased washing time creating more mental awareness.

Let the experimentation begin.

Biogenic Energy

When I read Emerson's first post about focusing on the root of the penis it made me remember an experiement I did several years ago. At one time I had studies the writings of E. B. Szekely. there was a small book he wrote in the 40's called, "the Tender Touch". In that book he described getting in touch with the genitals through contacting the biogenic energy of wheatgrass plants. Years ago, I did this and had some incredible experiences, now with the Karezza, focusing on the root, I can say, it really does open a powerful, healing channel.

Funny enough,the exfoliant I

Funny enough,the exfoliant I used actually contained baking soda (I was trying to make a homemade toothpaste and it didn't work out). Baking soda is a really gentle exfoliant so it worked well. I don't think a washcloth would be enough. I didn't really spend much time washing it. I coated myself with the mixture before getting into the shower, got my whole body wet, then used soap to clean my genitals so it wasn't really on for that long and didn't require a bunch of scrubbing.

How does that compare to the

How does that compare to the salt-based products? Most of the time I don't use deodorant. When I do, it is usual salt based. If I want fragrance, the spray products that are just deodorant tend to be aluminum free. I really like to smell like me, even if it's stinky me.

Penis sensitivity cream could sell. A few billion spam emails and popups with a one in a million take rate can still equal a nice sum.

Not completely sure what salt

Not completely sure what salt based products would be. Before using the homemade stuff, I used pretty common brand names like Old Spice and whatnot. The homemade stuff I use has pretty much no smell and you just rub it on with your hands. It's not oily or anything.

I think penis sensitivity cream exists? At least I've read about some creams that maybe give you a harder erection or something? I'm not sure.

Anyone else notice how we've

Anyone else notice how we've collectively evolved from other sexual fantasy while mistreating self to self care? There could be an untapped market for male self care services, grooming products, etc. It might make sense for companies in those market segments to fund porn research.

Haha I have noticed that. I

Haha I have noticed that. I was recently thinking how I've gone from really abusing my penis to getting on a regular self care schedule. The skin damage I was doing to myself was one of the things that led me to find YBOP and this website late one night. I kept thinking, "Dude, other guys don't have the carnage you do on your penis. Wtf are you doing to yourself?"

since I've done this meditation

it's been a brief time, a few times a day for a minute or two, but it seems to have been ultra helpful. i can direct my attention and feel my entire penis and testicles and I continue to get better at that sensation. It has made sex much more pleasurable. So it's a 100% success in my book!

I think there's something to it...

The past few (infrequent) times that I have taken time to meditate, I've focused my attention down there, really trying to feel. Which is weird since normally I don't feel it unless I'm stroking. At first it's hard to really feel anything, but after a while I can feel some warmth and a kind of blue-ballish feeling like stated above. The part that intrigues me the most is that when I'm done meditating and check down below, I've got a half-erection, all without even looking at porn or fantasizing. Seems like there's an opportunity to expand on and possibly have more mental control over erections. Hard to say, but I'll keep practicing.

i don't get hard when I meditate on this

but I do feel my penis, testicles, the whole unit. It's like listening to a Bach fugue. I can focus on one part and get that, or I can focus on the whole and get that. But when I'm having sex it's really easy now and natural to focus on the penis root and feel that energy going out into my partner and somehow welling up inside me from her breasts.

Keep at it if you are trying this. It's very rewarding.