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I thought I'd briefly discuss why this is such a wealthy practice, this Karezza.

I think I always lived in the past with my beloved with a state of lack, a state of fear of not getting enough sex. Fear that I wouldn't have an erection, or that it wouldn't last.

I know a lot of guys who feel the same way and they live that way.

When we had sex, it was to reach an orgasm or else it wasn't a success. When the orgasm was over, it was over. And as time went by, my beloved got more ordinary looking and I continued feeling that lack and that sense of anxiety.

Well now that is all changed. I am always ready and my beloved and I have the sweetest times and not just in bed but all the time. It has transformed my life and made everything so much better.

There are sweet and wonderful feelings all the time. And my beloved looks younger and more beautiful every day.

My priorities have changed over the past months. I value love and my lifestyle far more than money. And money comes much more easily. Everything comes much more easily. Because I feel plenty instead of lack.

If you are embarking on this adventure, if you are very young and wondering about how someone could "give up" orgasms, keep in mind that after you've experienced orgasms and sex that way, there could be an even better path for you, one that is so sweet and wonderful that it cannot be described.

And it will, I think, bring you the feeling of having enough, of having more than enough, and actually having more than enough in all spheres of your life.




This has been our experience too

I appreciate your taking the time to write this, because it's hard for people to accept that they might have much more influence over the abundance in their lives than they realize--simply by exploring another approch to sex consistently for a while.

It's definitely worth experimenting with non-orgasmic sex, in my view. A girlfriend who did, laughingly used to say that "his orgasm costs me $100 and mine costs me $200." She was kidding, but she was truly astonished at all the weird-ass misfortunes that seemed to follow a really passionate encounter.

It makes no sense unless (1) the metaphysicians are right that our inner state shows up in our external experience and (2) we are right that there's a sort of neurochemical hangover after sex that can temporarily shift perception to feelings of lack, anxiety, irritability, etc.

Here's a piece I wrote about this:

another explanation, sort of...

is that the world is our projection. Our inner world determines how we perceive our reality. And if we project from a place of lack and anxiety, we get a lot of that back.

I've had some folks do these and their universe improves a lot the more they snuggle. The non-orgasmic stuff is the logical next step to put that on steroids.


I have not done karezza

But just the powers of bonding and holding your seed will give you so much more confidence energy to use it for whatever you'd like. Although I am impressed by the individual's that can convert sexual frustration Int mentally creative pursuits. For me, I usually convert it into physical energy and use it to play sports or work out. But my mental facilities work great when it comes to bonding and talking to women it's awesome! But I want to try karezza. So do you just have intercourse and talk about your feelings for each other while doing so?

Or selfish sex. Some folks,

Or selfish sex. Some folks, Osho and others, suggest that unselfishness, pushed on us from religion and elsewhere, got us into the current state of affairs. That view promotes selfishness as a way to let love overflow. Karezza seems more accurately defined as selfish sex because one focuses on the self and decides for that self whether to orgasm or not. The other person is then freed to do as is best for their own self.

It can get confusing when partners aren't on the same page as to what selfish means and how to value it.