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I had a dream last night where I was studying some file folders of other "cases" that were collectively labeled "bonding" as in "bonding behaviors" and I got a bit aroused in my dream. I thought, this is a dopamine thing and it isn't good for me.

Next moment I was somewhere like a hotel room  (traveling in real life quite a bit) and although I didn't touch my penis, I ejaculated and thought "oh no, I didn't want to do that!"

Woke up but hadn't really ejaculated at all.

I am not a huge believer that dreams mean a whole lot but that's it, that's the dream. Does it mean anything?


Spent time with one of my male friends who really took to Karezza when I discussed it with him several months back. He's one of the few people I spent time discussing this with.

Now he was telling me how enthusiastically they make love and his method is to get real close to the point of no return and dwell there.

He described these full body orgasmic feelings, drawing the feelings from his genitals to his whole body, and how it doesn't have any bad after-effects or cause any loss in his good feelings.


And, I had another guy who indirectly I described the whole thing to, who had been suffering a bad marriage and was sticking together out of a sense of obligation, who told me:

Things are REALLY turning around for him and his relationship with his wife, and this is a big reason for it (Karezza and bonding behaviors). I was really happy for him.

I always tell people if the subject comes up: if you bond a lot and make non-orgasmic love to your partner (although the making love is really optional at this point), in 3 weeks you'll be a different person. It's the tons of bonding that make a huge difference even if you and your partner are on the outs. You will be on the "ins" by the end of the 3 week period.





My only theory

is that your energy is a bit less stable because your honey "popped the balloon" recently. Also, I think that hearing about the edging your friend is doing could be causing some restlessness too.

Sounds like you're creating happy couples all over the place. Well done!

i think that's right

part of me wonders about that edgy stuff. I'm pretty happy right now pursuing my present path and don't want to risk anything but it was/is intriguing and obviously part of me thought so.

And yes, there is that popping of the balloon.

I spoke to a bud about this today in fact. His wife is on a no-sex thing prior to a big race type athletic event and he was bummed so I said maybe no sex means no orgasm and hey why not try this...

thanks Zia!

I'll be sending them your way. Get 'em ready first, then send 'em on. Stay tuned and expect some fantastic handsome hunk to appear any day now asking for that Karezza action thanks to some Emerson tutelage.

We can learn in dreams.

I think that your dream is a very good sign about your progress with karezza. You are integrating what you are learning even in your dream life.

I wouldn't worry about getting aroused in dreams. Why not?

The only issue for us is orgasm, and that is exactly what you dealt with in this first karezza dream. Hope you'll have others--and post them! If you have other dreams on this theme, you will see progress. It is very interesting--and amazing--to watch development in dream life. I would suggest writing your dreams down somewhere, if not on this forum.

If you're interested in my qualifications to make these statements, let me know by PM.

thanks Snowy Owl

I was thinking it is this.

When I quit smoking weed I had dreams for years after where I realized in my dream I had just smoked weed, and said "uh oh, I shouldn't have done that!"

In this dream I just had, the file folders represent this website and the "cases" there in the threads.

My porn problem was with written erotica.

I often skip over sections of people's stories here if it gets too graphic as in the stories I used to read, as I don't want it to trigger fantasy.

I think that the guys here (the porn guys) and myself have a problem with fantasy even without orgasm.

I haven't masturbated in six months and I have no problems with intercourse with my wife now but I think this dream reflects a continued fear of relapse in some respect.

That's how I interpret it.


my wife had interesting dreams

recently she's reported several dreams, maybe 2 or 3 nights apart, of having sex with me. Not Karezza sex either. Don't know what that might mean. Maybe she wishes for hotter sex. Dunno. Just figured maybe you had some idea of what that might mean, if anything. It's kinda cool though :)

I was away most of this time she had these dreams but she's had 3 in the past week or so.

last O within the past 2 weeks for sure

clearing of old patterns...yeah, that could be. Fascinating...she almost never had sexual dreams before.

BTW, she isn't asking for us to change what we're doing. She seems really happy with it actually. She still reports a bit more sensation but not the feelings I have but seems very happy to go with me on this ride. She never said or indicated she wants hotter sex.