valley orgasm?

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I experienced something today and it lasted for several minutes. I wasn't erect at the time, just kind of inside her hanging out. And it wasn't something I felt in my genitals at all. Just all over. It wasn't waves really. Just a steady state of incredible whole body pleasure. I had been focusing on relaxing and we had been having intercourse for about 30 or 40 minutes when it happened, in scissors position. 

Valley orgasm? Is that what this is? Felt like the same pleasure as an orgasm, but not as much, but it went on and on, and there was a disembodied feeling, nothing to do, no body to do it with, I could communicate with my lover but didn't really want to, didn't want to do anything but that. 

Don't know what that's all about but it was sure cool.

Have you had anything like this experience?



Valley pleasure

I'm still puzzled why they call it a valley orgasm because what it really is for me is a period of extended blissful pleasure. Then the other day I read in Stanley Bass's book that it was called "valley" by Osho to give the impression that you aren't giving anything up. I think that is exactly what you've described, a point where the energy starts to flow without leading you over the edge, but quite ecstatic.