We interrupt this pattern to bring you -- Intercourse!

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In the morning we lay and snuggled and got a bit heated. I know she was turned on and would have had an orgasm if I had continued. To be honest I got her heated up with clitoral stimulation (bad boy).

I didn't say anything about having sex. I know she was wondering, looking at me, what is he up to? Why isn't he coming in or asking if he can?

It was one of the toughest things that I've done in bed -- but I didn't ask her or initiate intercourse. I had to be a real man by not fucking her and toughing it out.

So after quite a long time, maybe 45 minutes or an hour even, she asked me, do you want to come in? I said, are you sure? She said yes. She had been expecting me to ask, she said. Well, we interrupted that pattern didn't we?

And I did come in. And it was truly wonderful. For the first time we maintained very nice continual eye contact, gazing into each other's eyes for minutes during intercourse. What a powerful connection. That was really amazing. She hadn't wanted to do that before.

My erection was much better and more steady because she wanted my penis and her vagina was asking for it. Not sure if she felt a lot more sensation but I'll bet she did.

So we're making great progress.



Wonderful, wonderful,

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! The both of you are beginning to rewrite the script. I'm impressed that you stuck to your commitment. I'm sure it was a herculean effort on your part. Good work. Each time it will get easier.

I can very much relate to a more steady erection when your partner really wants you. If my wife is not in the mood I dont even begin to get it up. When she wants it I'm Mr. Johnny on the spot, steady on. For me its all about send and receive, call and response.