what do you do when you or your partner is sick?

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My wonderful wife is sick with a nasty cold. Snuggling is difficult because she is sniffing and wiping her nose. And we aren't having sex either which is totally fine. I am feeling okay, hope I don't get it. She's amazing though, how she works and does everything despite the cold. She is the most incredible woman for sure and I am so, so so lucky.

What do you do when you or your partner is sick?



I think...

you simply have to tough it out. I think focusing on your partner, what can you do for her comfort, is there something that would help her that you don't normally jump at.

I know that when caught in my PM trap I can be quite selfish and not as caring for others. Can you reverse that with a sick partner?

I think so.

My girlfriend got sick last week

Hugs, tea, bringing her food. Like a sick mother or father cares for their child. Should bring about the release of oxytocin.

I think I read that people who get sick living alone take twice as long to recover as those who are sick while being with a partner. And she made the fast recovery, which is sometimes hard for her to do. Maybe it's our new life together?


I make him drink lots of orange juice and homemade chicken noodle soup. Wink

I'd say comforting, healing cuddles. Rub her head if she likes it or a cold washcloth for her forehead. Help around the house if you can. Women looooooooove men that help around the house!!!

Good Test

Having your partner get sick can be a really good time to ensure that you are in the right space with respect to Karezza. If a person gets upset about the fact that they cannot do karezza, then perhaps they need to re-examine what their priorities are. Sexuality in all of its forms can be highly addictive. If there is an element of that in your relationship, then it is good to know so that you can start creating a healthier mindset.

On the other hand, if your first response is to be compassionate with your partner and desire to nurture them, then I would say that is a good sign that you have very healthy bonding in your relationship.

Bonding is what Karezza is all about.