what positions cause you to get too excited?

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A few weeks ago and again a few days ago I was struck with "blue balls".

I haven't had this condition in the last 10 months practicing a lot of intense cuddling and bonding and lots of intercourse, and why did it strike again?

I figured it out. It's when my fantastic, wonderful and amazing partner is on top and I'm inside her. Something about that position was getting me more fired up and more into "wanting" type sex. When I first started this adventure for several months I would frequently lose my erection with her on top and I think I was over-compensating and thinking about it too much.

I would regain my focus on my root but it was getting me out of my focus zone a bit and that means I had to pull back from getting too excited and after awhile it meant a "hard shud down" of the ejaculation machinery which my gonads no like.

Since I figured this out it's been fine. I can have her on top and not get too excited and no problems at all on any front.

As I practice this, and as my partner is much more into it than ever before, I notice daily changes and it keeps getting better.

Just wondered if you had experienced anything similar with certain positions? I just felt like posting something along these lines, everything is great and there's really nothing new but it's fun to discuss stuff like this with likeminded people.





staying more relaxed, more into the love feelings than the excited sexual moving forward to more arousal type feelings. 

We typically have to watch

because what works at a wow, this is awesomely relaxed pace for one of us, might work well for the other in a highly heated up way. For me, female on top is the most beautifully maintained, because it keeps hands free for caressing of her. But, that one tends to make her want to move in admittedly a slow wonderful grind, but it heats her up strongly. Both of us typically are able to maintain a slow pace with missionary, but that one can get fatiguing. From behind - total two way danger territory, it's too primal, animal, lustful - we end up there, it gets violently heated up very quickly. Personally, I think an on sides lying together keeps the pace slow, the full body contact great.


How about clothes on in separate rooms. Thats a position sure to keep you from getting overheated. Works for me every time.

Here's a speculation for you. Recently you mentioned your wife having a change of heart heart, or at least some thawing on the karezza front. If she is experiencing more openness this would probably mean more receptivity from her negative pole which would heighten the polarity exchange between you two. More energy flowing equals more energy to adjust to. This is what happened between Annabelle and I in the beginning as she opened up her sexuality. I found myself having to adjust to the increased energy. A thought for you.

thanks Darryl

I hadn't thought of that and it makes perfect sense. (The second part not the first part, clothes off in separate rooms LOL). I think this is exactly what may be happening. In other terms, I notice she has a bit of sexual enthusiasm and I get more excited than I have been...yep.





I thought this discussion might be easier if you had actual positions to visualize. These are scanned from Diana Richardson's books.

I think it would also be interesting to hear which positions different couples prefer for karezza.





FIVE (Scissors)

Let's assume you like the "lap-sit" position in number "FOUR."

It would be "FOUR-3."

It's not an all-encompassing

It's not an all-encompassing snapshot of the ages of human ingenuity. There seem many subtle variations such that each position incorporates a family of positions with boundaries beyond which one position morphs into another position.

@Marnia: Which book are these scans from?

I've decided I can say my

I've decided I can say my favorite would be half way between a ONE-2 and a ONE-6 . While some positions become very uncomfortable very quickly for me, since I have hyper-mobile hip and knee joints, (which sounds like a good thing, but I assure you, it's not) , none of them are ever too exciting for me, anymore. I feel like a need a badge that says "543 days without an accident" ! Sorry, my avatar is the only picture I'm willing to share of me. It's only from 52 years ago. Quizure


But some of the time it's only 'half' missionary, I guess, because our legs are scissored, which is what is my favorite.   Sometimes we move between One-2, One-5, One-6 , Two-1, Two-2, Four-5 and the on our sides-half-missionary in a single session, if it's a long one.   For short sessions, when we have to be up in 10 or 15 minutes, it's almost always One-6, sometimes without any penetration.



I'm not sure if the definition of our "favorite" is the one we love the most (but can only do sparingly because we love it so much!) or the one we *do* the most~~I think I'll call that our "go-to."

The position that is our favorite and usually feels the best (especially with a pillow underneath my butt) is 1-2. But because we can go so deep we have to be really careful with that one if we are not wanting to orgasm. This is the position that is most likely to cause us to orgasm at the same time if we allow that to happen.

The position we have done the most lately (because my sweetie has a broken collarbone) is 1-6~~we also do a variation where I have one leg straight and one leg crooked up (with my straight leg *inside* his legs). He likes this one a lot because he can hold onto my bum, lol.

Another one we use a lot (especially in the mornings) is position 2-1 which looks like regular scissors (same as figure 5). We like this one when we haven't brushed our teeth and don't want to breathe on each other too much. Smile

Our "go-to" position isn't shown here~~it's 2-1 but rolled over on our sides. We fall into this one when 2-1 becomes too much.

And if my beloved has decided he is going to have an orgasm, then 4-2 will do it every time, lol. That one seems to be almost impossible for us to keep neutral.

okay, sure!

One-2 is probably our most used one. And One-6. They seem to complement each other.

And occasionally scissors.

We've done Four-5 and I'd kinda like to see us do that one more often and maybe now we will.

One interesting note: I no longer really care about variety. It is just *so* blissful and I love what we do so much. How could this ever be a bit boring? It can't be.