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so what have you learned this year?

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I'd love to know what you've learned this year, especially if you've been practicing Karezza for some time.

I'm still learning all the time. Our sex life is great, very stable. Very enjoyable on all fronts. It is better than ever.

I am still figuring out how not to come when I don't want to. It doesn't occur that often, but more than I would like. I'd prefer not to come at all. 

I have never "solved" the "low drive" on my wife's part, but it doesn't really matter. We have a lot of sex and it's very pleasurable and we have a wonderful life.


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For no real reason, yesterday I had a blue balls attack. And today, when lying down with my wife, it was so blindingly obvious that I was going to come.

So I told her that when I was inside her. And I came pretty fast. But really a physical release. It is quite possible for a man to ejaculate without an orgasmic sensation which is what I did. I will see if this takes a lot out of me in the next week or so.

I think it was something my body wanted me to do. I'll share with you how it works out.


Things that affect us like an orgasm (but aren't an orgasm)

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I have begun to realize more nuances of things that affect me similar to having an orgasm.

For instance, fantasy. I can feel a surge of dopamine and it feels like sexual fuel being added to the fire. But it's not "good" fuel. It's "ejaculation" fuel. And after awhile I find that such fuel makes my wife feel less attractive and makes sex more difficult.

I avoid fantasy pretty well but sometimes unavoidably it rears its ugly head.

new Karezza "technique"?

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Hey, I haven't posted too much recently.

I've observed a phenomenon. I think that if I spend a few minutes just thinking about my wife, it creates massive Oxytocin and really amps up my attraction for her.

By "thinking of her" I mean I sit quietly when I wake up and just feel her presence, picture myself with her, smelling her especially...it feels really good.

the inevitable orgasm

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I've been doing Karezza for awhile now but what happens occasionally is:

1. Things feel hotter than normal.

2. I don't feel nearly as much pleasure but I do feel very sexed up

3. I *know* I'm going to have an orgasm. Today I was in the midst and I thought, what should I do? I can stop, but that doesn't seem like fun (although it is an option)...I can slow down and stop and so forth...then continue...but that doesn't seem to work when I am feeling this way.

Anyway, the inevitable happened, it was of course fun, but not what I want.