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Additional benefits of Karezza are already showing up

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My hair grows faster. It is remarkable. And I think I am getting more hair on a bald spot on the top of my head.

Also, Sparkles is looking objectively younger and prettier even than before. She gets remarks from people she works out with. What is she doing? She looks more youthful. It is obvious to me and to everyone else who knows her.

And today someone I see occasionally remarked about my appearance, happier looking, younger looking, something like that. He isn't one to make these observations normally. I think I am differerent and people who know me can see it.

I feel like I'm flatlining

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Felt again today like I'm flatlining. Just didn't feel much arousal this morning. Don't know why. My desire/love for her wasn't the same intensity, didn't feel the same as it had, say, last month.

We snuggled and I didn't feel aroused. Yesterday, same thing happened but I entered anyway and my penis became hard. Today I didn't feel like doing soft entry.

First "100% Pure" Karezza experience

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This morning, Sparkles and I kissed for a bit and things quickly escalated. This is post-O day 7 for her (maybe almost 90 days for me since my last O.)

Well, she wanted me. I could tell. Again it was because I wasn't pushy or needy and just waited for her to make the moves.

This time when I entered her she wasn't wet inside. It took maybe 3 or 5 minutes for that to happen. We used lubricant and there was no forcing anything. This is the first time in awhile that I can recall this. I think she was mentally aroused but her body hadn't responded yet.

I had resolved -- no intercourse. Well, here is how that turned out

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Woke up early this morning with a lot more of those good feelings for Sparkles back. Not 100% but maybe 70%. And it was *very* early, like 4AM. I don't need that much sleep but she does.

But she was awake too (post O day 6 I think).

Anyway, I was resolved. No intercourse. Two weeks.

Something in how I was acting with this resolve drew her in her quiet way to me.

We kissed and hugged and snuggled for some time. There was a little focus on my part on her genitals at some point, just a little very light teasing. She was aroused.

She prefers just cuddling - no libido

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Really don't mean to go in circles here.

Sparkles said she really hasn't felt any libido for a number of years.

We can rule out birth control meds (she was not on them since we've been together), medication of any kind (she doesn't take anything), depression (she isn't depressed), exercise (she exercises every day for an hour), health problems (very healthy, thank goodness), ummm....what else? Stress and anxiety? Nope.

Does Karezza work better with real arousal?

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For the past 30 days Sparkles has not been particularly aroused during our almost daily sexual intercourse. She says she's enjoyed it, but hasn't felt that much. I've enjoyed it a lot.

Today we had a session and then we got to hugging and kissing afterwards and she got aroused. When she got on top of me Mr. P. went soft and then she had me get her to climax with my hand.

Karezza -- sex every day, and the most powerful anti-anxiety medication

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So who would have thought that here I am in my fifties having sex with my beautiful wife Sparkles just about every day?

My feelings for her have deepened immeasurably since we started this.

And I just don't have any issues getting erections. They come, they go, but I don't come. That's the only rule :)

So far I haven't and it's been great. She hasn't either for almost a month.

I asked her, why she is doing this?

She says that I am not orgasming so she won't either. And that I gave her a hard time about it and she feels self conscious if she does.