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She prefers just cuddling - no libido

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Really don't mean to go in circles here.

Sparkles said she really hasn't felt any libido for a number of years.

We can rule out birth control meds (she was not on them since we've been together), medication of any kind (she doesn't take anything), depression (she isn't depressed), exercise (she exercises every day for an hour), health problems (very healthy, thank goodness), ummm....what else? Stress and anxiety? Nope.

Does Karezza work better with real arousal?

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For the past 30 days Sparkles has not been particularly aroused during our almost daily sexual intercourse. She says she's enjoyed it, but hasn't felt that much. I've enjoyed it a lot.

Today we had a session and then we got to hugging and kissing afterwards and she got aroused. When she got on top of me Mr. P. went soft and then she had me get her to climax with my hand.

Karezza -- sex every day, and the most powerful anti-anxiety medication

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So who would have thought that here I am in my fifties having sex with my beautiful wife Sparkles just about every day?

My feelings for her have deepened immeasurably since we started this.

And I just don't have any issues getting erections. They come, they go, but I don't come. That's the only rule :)

So far I haven't and it's been great. She hasn't either for almost a month.

I asked her, why she is doing this?

She says that I am not orgasming so she won't either. And that I gave her a hard time about it and she feels self conscious if she does.

Is this the easy path to rebooting?

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I didn't have the same issues with video porn as a lot of guys here, but I think my experience may make it a lot easier for you to reboot.

This is all a great experiment because you are rewiring your brain to work along "normal" channels and nobody really knows exactly how to do this in every case or even in most cases.

We're all learning.

So with that, since I'm no expert, all I can do is share my experience and my recommendation.

I think the big mistake most guys make is to avoid sexual contact during reboot.

♥ everything's so much better

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One of the reasons I am blogging here in such detail is primarily for myself. But also I think it can prove helpful to guys reading this at some point, a tidbit here or there.

I started here to deal with a porn habit and quickly came to the realization that now is the best time for me to really discover sex and answers to sexual questions that I've had since or before puberty.

I studied and read over many old posts on this site and really went into depth by reading different people's experiences not just with porn addiction recovery but also Karezza.

♥ relaxation sex rather than excitement sex

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Tried the first time to just relax into intercourse. Just forget my erection, who cares, sick of worrying about all that, let things happen as they are supposed to. Trust the penis, as I said in another blog entry.

Trust that it knows what to do. How delightful.

I can't say it was any different so far, but it was more relaxing. I felt kind of like snuggling but I had an erection at the same time. It was a lot better than snuggling, I'm not comparing the two, but I had that relaxing feeling of closeness while also having intercourse.

"I don't feel anything down there -- numb vagina"

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I was reading someone's account here of trying Karezza and it seemed nothing was happening so they switched to "regular" sex.

I can completely relate.

Sparkles, my wife, says she does not feel much of anything "down there" in her vagina when we have intercourse. She is not having orgasms to give this all a chance and just wants me to know she doesn't have the same sensitivity and sensations that I apparently do in my penis.