Feeling down Day 2 PMO

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Just feeling down today and depressed still not getting good sleep and my mind is completely cluttered...my mind and attitude feel like cheap and I'm not getting erections like I use too..I've been drinking tons of caffeine just to stay awake during the day...I'm starting too feel very down most of the time mainly because I can't seem to get an erection..before I use to get erections even after relapsed but recently my erections (if any have been extremely weak)



I'm just not understanding why this is getting so much harder for me.. it use to be so easy and enlightening now it just seems like its draining me -__-


get stronger. It's a progressive disease.

The good news is that it will never be easier to quit than now. Smile

So get the extra support you need.

I never thought of addiction

I never thought of addiction as a progressive disease that gets stronger with time. I guess that's partly why it's easy to deny them or feel that you've got it all under control....until shit finally hits the fan?

idk this just isn't as enlightening anymore

I use to be so passionate and enthusiastic about PMO and now I just feel like it's a burden. I don't know why I've gone through what I've been going through these past 2 years. and that's honestly what scares me. I don't want to make this a HUGE deal and go looking for help. I'm just a guy that wants to be happy with a women and enjoy a normal life.. I want to feel whole again, and idk why it's so damn difficult for me to reach this happiness. I can't even get a good nights sleep anymore nor can I make a simple decision about everyday things. I have never felt this way in my entire life and it scares the hell out of me! If I turn to a psychiatrist I know that I'll just sit there and vent all my emotions or she might put me on medication. I don't need that, I just want to be normal and happy.. I'm 24 for pete sakes.. I should be happy and worried free. But I'm not, I'm simply miserable.

Support is a good thing

Psychiatrists are for treating mental illnesses, often with drugs. Unless that's what you need, I'd steer clear. However, a good therapist or counselor can be helpful to lend some perspective or even as a sounding board, but they can be expensive and it's hard to find a good one. I used a therapist for a while when I was overcoming an addiction and found her to be very helpful.

I've always preferred group work. I've been going to a men's group for over 15 years and we support each other in our personal growth, awareness work, etc. The men in the group have all done the Mankind Project training which you can find out about here: http://mankindproject.org/. I found the training very helpful, but the long-term association with the resulting men's group has been utterly transformational. Feel free to private message me if you have any questions about it.

EOA, you keep trying to skip steps

There's no shortcut to your goal of "just being normal and enjoying life." Your brain has changed. It took years to dig the hole you're in, and it is sapping your ability to enjoy pleasure in your life. This is what ALL addictions do.

It will take time and total consistency to turn this around. Support is the best thing you could do for yourself. I, too, think group support is often best, though it needn't be the exclusive means of support you seek.

How long since your last porn use? Your last masturbation? Did you read this? It's a satire, but most guys with porn problems think the author nailed it:


Do you want to live like this, or quit--even if you have to get support to do it?


I am currently on my second day and I just feel horrible I can't sleep deep my erections are completely gone And I've gained SO much weight sense I started this whole thing..idk what to do in constantly stressed -_-

Yea your right!!

You're right Marnia I just need to learn to control my anxiety and calm myself down so I don't panic and stress so much..I want to get back into swimming.. I can always swim at my college in between classes!


I am thinking that maybe I should start masturbation without porn, And see if it eases my wowes a little bit. Do u think that's helpful or will it make it worse? Because I've been trying to abstain from both for over a year Nd I haven't been that sucessful. I mean I've had good moments, but really I haven't reached my full goal yet.

that is a difficult call

to make. I tried that, but my wife was still dead set against it. I was actually able to verify that erection was indeed possible by M without P or even imagination...concentrating only on the sensations...not going to O, but getting close. This is also known as "edging" and has its own pitfalls as far as brain chemistry is concerned. It only took about two weeks of no PMO then some of the M no P no O no mental imagery to achieve a towel hanger for the first time in years. If you decide to go that route, realize it is a patch of sorts...a bit like going to "lite" cigarettes while trying to quit smoking...or perhaps the nicotine patch. It may be a useful way to step out of the PMO cycle, but has its own risks and is at best a temporary "aid" in the process. If you currently have no significant other, the risks are limited to the chemical actions, but still significant.