Update: Day 2 PMO

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Just wanted to update my current progress on PMO. Umm not much to really update, just the same feelings as before. Constant anxiety. Just feels like my mind is racing, before when I was attempting to beat PMO back in (2011) I wasn't in school nor was I employed and I guess it was easier to go to week 3 or possibly 4 weeks without a relapse. I feel like when I go a couple days without it now, that I can't bare going to work or just staying focused. I feel happy with myself personally that I am doing at PMO, but I feel like I am missing something when I go further into it, I feel like I can't bare to deal with the stress. Like it's to much for me to handle. I am a very shy person with people I am not comfortable with, but I am very outgoing with people I like to be around. I guess when it comes to work, I find it hard to connect with people I work with either because they are extremely uninteresting or I have entirely to much anxiety to carry on a convo. When it comes to school, I tend to procrastinate a lot more if I don't relapse. It's crazy!! I want to beat PMO so bad and I don't wanna give up, but I am finding it very hard to fight PMO, and adapt to these changes!



Have you...

ever seen a doctor about the anxiety? I'm very anxious too, and used PMO as a tool for coping with it (SPOILER Alert: it didn't work). I'm on day 34 of no PMO myself, and it gets easier (at certain times). Best of luck to you!


Sometimes I just let the anxiety pass. I really don't wanna be on medicine or anything like that.. Just gonna take things day to day and hopefully something will start working!


I've been trying to just find out what it is I need.. I don't know what It is exactly, but I'm trying to do as much soul searching as I can in order to find it.. :)

Trying really hard not too

I've been trying to keep my mind off the whole thing but for whatever reason I can't.. I'm always thinking about it and I think that's why I'm always relapsing. I can't sleep at night anymore, and I sleep in during the day.. I wanna go back to sleeping deep/good at night but I can't for whatever reason!! Ahh this ish is frustrating! >_<

OK, enough

Get to the doctor and get some meds. I almost NEVER urge guys to do that, but with your OCD and severe anxiety and a complete inability to stay away from porn, I think you need help resetting your brain.

Meds don't have to be a permanent thing, but you need help getting some traction. And they can sometimes help with that.

Please take action.Yes 3


I just don't want to resort to that yet.. I still truly believe that I can fix this on my own... I just know that I gotta continue to stay strong and positive. Acute


So they can shovel medicine down my throat?? No man I don't wanna go down that route... Id rather just keep trying and keep venting to u guys... Talking about it with you guys is better than any pill.

Yeah man!

Same here buddy.. trying to get over this hump.. but it's taking time... ahh extremely frustrating as well. I just want this stuff to be over with.