Update Day 3 PMO

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Just been taking things day to day.. I've been feeling a little drowsy and stressed as of late. I am currently on day 3 and I've been fighting real hard on the urge to relapse. I haven't been sleeping deep. I've been getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night, but it hasn't been good quality. I haven't been getting natural erections like I use to either and I'm kind of concerned about that because it's never happened to me before :/. My brother has been advising me to meditate and relax my mind. I think I am going to try it tomorrow night when I get some free time. The hardest thing about all of this for me is managing stress and the techniques I need in order not to relapse. It becomes very hard at times. I just wanna reach my goal of 4 weeks. I think if I reach that goal I'd feel some sort of satisfaction and accomplishment! I'm gonna continue to push and continue to learn how to adapt to stress. I am also working on avoiding triggers as well! Trying not to stay on the computer as much and trying to get into some hobbies like reading or just hanging with friends.. I've also felt on edge as far as my temper.. I'm much more aggressive than I use to be and I'm not to sure why.. I'm just gonna continue to push through and stay positive :)



Yeah still trying to fall asleep.

My sleep schedule has been out of whack. I have been studying allot and also working, so caffeine has been my best friend! lol.. I am going to try to eat more fruits and see how that helps. My main problem is dealing with people while on day 3 or day 4 of PMO, I don't really feel like "myself" and that mental fog starts to roll in. Drinking plenty of water also seems to help keep my mind clear from time to time.


I agree

with Marnia, exercise is very good for the recovery from PMO addiction. It has a wonderful way of helping with anger and stress.

Many of the symptoms you describe will ease up as you go farther on your recovery.

Good for you Eoa!!

Thanks allot for the advice!!

Have you found other ways of coping with stress? How far along are you with your journey, and how are you with adapting the stress of PMO with modern day life like in the work environment or social gatherings??