Nude Canoodling

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Last night we had a beautiful, relaxed session of nude canoodling (kissing and cuddling amorously). My wife commented how nice it was to have such an expanded range of lovemaking as opposed to just "off = no sex" or "on = we're having full-tilt sex".

I was amazed that I felt so calm in my core and didn't even get hard even though I felt very attracted to my wife and was immensely enjoying our warm, sensual connection. Just a short while ago what we shared last night would have seemed impossible to me.

I still haven't mentioned my recent commitment to Karezza. This way of interacting comes so naturally to us that I don't need to convince her of anything. Plus, I'm finding it more romantic to "show instead of tell" as we improvise our life together.




I think what has been the biggest help is just knowing that these experiences are possible as well as normal. Life is getting a lot more comfortable as I learn how to recalibrate for Karezza. Previously it was like trying to keep a stove on super hot all the time. Whew. That didn't work well when I was younger and is impossible to sustain at age 50. Now I'm learning to slow down and enjoy the whole range.

BTW, I'm not afraid to discuss Karezza with her. Just having some fun noticing how much she naturally enjoys Karezza without intellectualizing it in the least. She had two orgasms in one day the other day (whoops) and seemed pretty spent the next day or two. She's starting to bounce back a little now and I'm going to see if I can lead us toward both not having an orgasm for at least a week or two. This is such a fun experiment :)

Can you help it

that you're such a great lover?? Wink

Yes, that's the beauty of the approach. You can make all the experiments you want, enjoy them, and continue to tweak your approach...indefinitely. Even long-time karezzanauts report discovering "new territory."

Removing all performance pressure makes sex so much more playful and relaxing.

Its not like a switch

Yes, as you are discovering you cant generally just flick a switch and turn karezza on. But you can indeed switch on bonding behaviors very readily. All it takes is remembering, and thats your role. BBs are the perfect adjustment for sure.

However several weeks of trial and error were required before we got as far as negotiating the schedule. That's when things really started to anchor for us. And the reason for this, i believe, is it creates intentionality. Where the mind goes the body follows. Both of you aligned and committed to the process. Powerful.