30th day already!

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A , pretty much lifetime addiction, now 30 days away from it. I know how important it is to recognize the distance travelled on this path, but never, never celebrate victory. I celebrated victory last year after about 160plus days free from porn, that celebration was a huge mistake and eventually lead to my relapse.

Slightly different approach this time. I am completely M free, not just porn. Last time I allowed myself a few M's in between intimacy with my wife. This time totally M free. Also, we are discussing and flirting more with karezza, and if not full karezza (with no O) certainly a more aware , gentle approach to lovemaking. We did use it a few times last year but will try more this time.

I don't have a major imperative to O, sure I like them but I am not pushing and getting frustrated when my wife and I can't get together rested and ready to follow through.

30days have passed quickly.


Good job!

Good job!

I am at day 18 after making it nearly a full year last year. I had this pain feeling after sex and it seemed that MO was a good way to relieve that pain and it did...but then that combined with chaser slammed me into the wall too.

I think you and I are in a very similar place!