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Day 87 Reboot, Age 25

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I usually have tended to update during periods of stress, but I suppose I should write a few, here and there, where I am a bit more adjusted. The last two times I posted, I found myself in a serene state where for the next few days I enjoy socializing with people, my anxiety's gone, women are very flirtatious and I'm very attracted--it's tended to wane, thereafter, and I find myself mostly back to where I started. But during those times, I feel as though I'm suddenly fluent in a language I've never even attempted to speak before.

Day 76 Reboot, Age 25

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I noticed some odd changes during this reboot, largely shifts in mood quite atypical for a banal personality like myself. At first I just plain craved porn; then I felt dead inside; then at some point I felt like superman, my anxiety vanished, women were coming on to me, and I was genuinely curious about other people and as much attracted to women by their quirks as by their appearance.