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*Almost* everything I have learned about Karezza has come from this amazing website. I thought I should pay-it-forward in a sense and offer a very personal part of my Karezza experience as I think others will benefit from it greatly.

My love and I call it nursing, although I am not making milk at this time. I nursed two children and very distinctively remember the feeling of my body being flooded with oxytocin... I loved the feeling and I loved caressing and staring at my children and would frequently get completely lost in the moment as I nourished their bodies and souls.

After a particularly stressful workday for my love, I was holding his head to my naked chest and I asked him if he would like to nurse. I couldn't help but wonder if it would soothe him in the same way I used it to soothe my children when they were feeling particularly emotional. After a very quick yes, I taught him a proper latch and we were off.

We learned three things that day... One, it all came very naturally to him, like it's meant to happen. Two, both of our bodies became immediately flooded with massive amounts of oxytocin. Three, after about 10 minutes of nursing, my vagina was dripping (and i mean dripping) wet and I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life.

My love says that he has never in his life felt so comforted as when he latches on and I hold his head in my arms. His eyes roll back into his head and he is in ecstasy. There's nothing erotic about it either, it's just beautiful and delicious and we are very deeply bonded by it.

I find this topic especially appropriate for this site as I recently read an article about a woman who healed her husband's drug addiction by nursing him whenever he was being pulled toward the drugs... she said that once he felt the flood of oxytocin, it's as though his addiction just vanished.



That's a lovely story

Have you read any of Diana Richardson's books? She's very vocal about the connection between breasts and vagina for women. You might like this book: http://www.amazon.com/Tantric-Orgasm-Women-Diana-Richardson/dp/0892811331 It makes a lot of sense, as lovers' bonding behaviors evolved from infant-caregiver bonds.

Have you and your partner filled out this questionnaire? The researcher needs just a few more people. https://docs.google.com/a/reuniting.info/forms/d/1pLmRtvRYnaaixCh74CUtve...

Anything else you'd like to share about your karezza experiences?

Kind of a big nutshell

Hello Marnia,
I have Diana Richardson's book downloaded but haven't read it yet.

I filled out the questionnaire but my partner has not. I am so very excited to see research being done on this subject as I believe it will save humanity.

One of these days I hope to write down my whole story and my experience with karezza, as I know that my mission in life is to teach others about this. In a nutshell, I was raised in a home without affection, security, comfort (yada, yada, yada) and I had reluctantly accepted that I was suffering from an insecure attachment disorder. My partner was my very best friend and we loved being together, but every time he touched me, I was filled with anxiety. My heart broke whenever I looked at him because all he wanted to do was give me his love and he couldn't. I had no idea how to be loved by him and I had even less of an idea how to tap into my love and give it to him. Psychologically I understood exactly what was going on and why, but I was unable to find a tool to help myself. I was consumed with "fixing" what was "wrong" with me, but no matter what I tried, nothing worked. My partner and I were heartbroken together.

On a (very) random occasion, my anxiety was at bay when my partner touched me. We made love that night in a way we never had before (very karezza-ish) and the next day I felt so good and so close to him. I wondered why, so I started researching and realized that oxytocin was the reason I felt that way. I started looking up ways to increase oxytocin and stumbled upon this site. My life was forever changed. Karezza was the tool I had been looking for. My love and I have been together for 9 years - 8 of those years, we suffered a great deal together... but the last year, with karezza, has been nothing short of magical. I am finally happy <3

That's quite a story

I'm very happy for you both. It's so empowering when you find the puzzle pieces you need and they work! That's how this information made me feel too. It's great to know you're "on the team" and hoping to share the information with others.

Team Karezza

I have had great success with couples. My love grins ear to ear as he watches me work karezza into conversations at just the right moment. He says people are captivated by me and that I could sell anything to anyone. I don't agree that I could sell anything, only things that I believe in whole-heartedly. People look at me like I am reading their minds, but in reality, we are all fighting most of the same battles. The answer is always the same... it's true, connected love, and it's usually sleeping right next to them.

Beautifully said

I'm the same way. And you're right that many people are puzzled by the dead-ends they've arrived at, and surprisingly grateful for any scrap of light. And the beauty of bonding behaviors and karezza is that they can't hurt themselves trying either.

What a wonderful story!

What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!

Sarita and Gebo, in their excellent book, 'Tantric Love,' call that technique 'Mother-Child Meditation' (p. 106). They recommend that the male latch on for 20 minutes. They recommend that the couple not pursue intercourse immediately thereafter, but wait a few hours, as "...This (intercourse) would disrupt the delicate inner process that has been initiated in both of you..." They also recommend that a couple perform this, ideally, daily on 10 consecutive days.

That specific meditation is one that I want to experience, as the healing arising from it sounds wonderful. Again, thank you for sharing your experience!

I'm so glad you contributed

Thanks John G!

I have been unable to find information about this topic in relation to spirituality and meditation. There is information out there about ANR (Adult Nursing Relationships) and how amazingly beautiful the experience is, but the information you provided is actually what I hoped to find. The part about waiting on the intercourse makes total sense. My love and I have been discussing that very subject actually, wondering if we should keep the nursing and the karezza completely separate from each other in order to get maximum benefits from both.

Does the book provide in-depth information regarding the 'Mother-Child Meditation' or have you shared everything I would need to know? (should I order the book?)

I hope you are able to experience this meditation soon and thank you, thank you, thank you again.

Happy to help, F-H! I think

Happy to help, F-H! I think that what I provided you is the meat of the material; it is only on 2/3rds of the page. The rest of the book is akin to the 'Ecstatic Exchanges' in Marnia's book, but with lovely photos.

Here is the entire section on p. 106:

Mother-child meditation

The Breast-sucking (photo on right) technique can be done whether or not you and your partner are lovers; it does not involve sexual intercourse. The woman takes the role of the mother with a baby and the man becomes the baby. After the meditation you should not, under any circumstances, enter into intercourse. This would destroy the delicate inner process that has been activated in both of you. If you and your partner are lovers, you can enter sexual union after a few hours.

It may happen that a great desire for sex arises during the meditation because of openness, intimacy, and vulnerability. Sometimes the man fears losing his manhood and will want to prove it by having sex; sometimes the woman may feel a surge of pleasure as she relaxes inter her breasts. Just keep witnessing those feelings, but do not let them distract you. The sucking is that of a baby seeking nourishment, not of a man seeking to turn on a woman. There is a great differences If you are not sure what the difference is, watch a baby sucking on a mother's breast.

This mediation is to be done ten times, preferably every day, for ten days.

(This is the verbiage under the photo)
Breast-sucking meditation

If you are the woman, take the role of a mother with her baby. Hold your partner and be with him exactly like a woman is with her infant. Do not talk other than in baby talk. If you are the man, become the baby. Curl up in your partner's lap and suck her breasts for 20 minutes, just like a baby. After the meditation, separate, bow in gratefulness, and move apart without speaking. Under no circumstances should you enter into intercourse.

I have sweet memories when my

I have sweet memories when my wife breastfed my two children. She breastfed them both for almost 2 years and I enjoyed many nursing session with her during. We didn't act like mother-baby. We did it as lover and really enjoy the feeling which very much similar to karezza. It felt relaxing and loving.

After she weaned and got dry we used to do it often at bed. I said, my wife is always cuddly type and invited me on her big beautiful breasts. We really loved the intimacy. After discovering karezza we don't do this now. But before connecting at bed in the night, I usually spend few minutes of time on her breasts.