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48 days...new PR!

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It's been a long long time since I last posted in this forum so I decided to return with an update and hopefully some good tips for newbs trying to kick the habbit.

Like most of us I'd been engaging in PMO for many years. About a year ago I decided to stop once I came across yourbrainonporn.com and realized that many of the stories were very similar to my own.

On my first attempt to kick the habbit things went really well and surprisingly easy....at first!

1 week (attempt 3)

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So here I am once again!

Here's a quick recap of where I'm at with my PMO recovery.

Once learning of this site (and others like it) I decided to give up PMO for at least 90 days.

On my first try I made it 44 days, then had a few days of PMO before getting back on the bus.

My second attempt I made it 54 days, this time it took me about a week to get back in line.

Now I'm starting over and have made it one week. From now on, every week I'll make a short post till I reach my 90 day goal.

45 days...my new record!!

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Well I haven't really posted much as of late, but I still like to lurk.

I'm now on round 2 of my reboot. I just hit 45 days today....surpassing my first attempt of 44 days.

I can't wait to reach my goal of 90 , but I'll make sure I keep my focus on the present moment.

My mood has been good overall, but the insane energy I had the first few weeks has passed.

I feel more confident in just about all situations. I haven't had any wet dreams, and don't think I will.

I have some leakage here and there usually after I urinate. This seems to bother some posters but I don't mind it.

Greetings...33 days down!

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Hey everyone, hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year.

I haven't posted in a while, but all is well.

I'm now up to 33 days PMO and fantasy free. It's been pretty easy. I can't wait to hit 44 days again....that was where I was at on my first attempt before I gave in.

That will not be a problem this time.

I miss the super-human energy and optimism I experienced during my first few weeks (the first time).

I hope those feelings come back, but I feel pretty good overall.

3 weeks in...

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First post I've made in a while.

A quick recap: Went 44 days without PMO, then had a 3 day relapse, now back to 22 days.

Things are going well. I miss the superhuman energy and confidence I experienced in the first few weeks, but I feel pretty good and things seem to be going in the right direction.

I'm a lot more sociable at work and with friends and family.

I've been really busy with the holidays, but I plan to update my match profile soon and get out there.

1 week today

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So today marks one week since my relapse. (I went 44 days)

It's been really easy. The worst part was getting past my guilt and disapointment of ruining my streak, but that's behind me now.

I had trouble sleeping the first 2 nights, but that has passed.

I'm slowly feeling my energy level increase as well as my overall mood

I'm curious to see if the next few weeks unfold the same way they did my first attempt.

I had a few weeks of great energy and intense optimism. Once it subsided I still felt good.

Day 1, relapses....they're bad!

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Well, as the title suggests, I had a bit of a fall.

I made it 44 days on my first attempt. The first few weeks were truly effortless for me. I thought I was in the clear. When I started to engage in fantasy I think I set the wheels in motion.

PMO slowly crawled back into my mind and I slowly let it.

I had three days where I engaged in PMO.

I've decided to start over...day 1.

I know it's unhelpful, but I feel really bad going so far only to come to that end. All that time....

I've failed :(

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Well, all was going pretty good until the last week or so. I hit 44 days today, and now am back to zero.

I'm home from work and got really bored. I ended up looking at porn and we all know the rest.

I'm really disappointed. I'm still on board and WON'T make this mistake again.

I hope all my effort up to this point hasn't been in vain, I know this is a setback, but how much of a setback?

I don't think that question has a real answer.

38 days...fantasy?

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So I just hit my 38 day mark.

So far, so good. I've been in a flatline since day one so things have been relatively easy. Until just recently...

I'm not sure what made me decide to do this. But last night I had to "test" myself. Although I've been basically dead from the waist down...I started thinking about porn for the first time in a while.

Since I've begun this process, this is the closest I came to giving in. Out of no where, the urge to PMO was strong.

5 weeks down....

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So I'm happy to have hit the 5 week mark with no PMO'ING, edging, or fantasy.

At the end of week 2 I came close to caving but managed to dismiss my urges. Since then its been smooth sailing.

I'm still in a LONG flatline. Since I started my sex drive and penis took a vacation to parts unknown. I don't really mind since it makes not PMO'ING effortless. No urges equal no temptation.

My mood has been good and my energy levels are higher. I require less sleep and am more awake during the day. I feel more confident and comfortable in all situations.