40 days

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better! i really dont like this school though. made some great friends but the food sucks here, i eat gluten free and they have absolutely nothing :(. kinda got old after the first few weeks. dont get my wrong its beautiful, 100 degrees everyday, sexy girls everywhere. kinda dissapoited, the school sucks so much. its hard for me have to learn everything on my own. literally everythings online. my math class consists of teaching myself through instruction videos online. its not worth over 38 gs. im transfering after the semester, but hey its going to be a good experience. im going to go back to school back home, my dad says he will pay for my school and buy me and audi! who wouldnt do that??? plus from working i can go on vacas!


all about the experiences in life. ...just hope some sexual experiences will happen to my full pleasure :p

41 days