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After 260 days im still frustrated

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Wassup peeps? Where do i even start? Yesterday i was gettin driven by a girl to her hotel ... We get in the room i start kissin up on her and one thing leads to another and our clothes are off ... The only thing is no spontaneous erection throughout this whole process which is weird bcuz i was gettin them like crazy a couple days ago lyin down on my bed in my hotel room nd anotha time wit a girl that i did like ... Which had me wonderin was i nervous or sumthin ...

To All Rebooters Who Are At Least 90 Days

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Im starting to realize the only way to beat performance anxiety and especially ED is to fight it head on ... Nd yes that means wat we all fear the most ... engaging in relationships w women .... Im really starting to realize after sitting 200 nd somethin days while waiting for a strong sign such as a *out of dis world* steel like erection or a sexual energy like no other ur prolly never gonna know how far u r not unless u engage in sexual activities .... Now as u all may kno this is the hardest part especially wen uve have failed sexual attempts in the past ....

How long does your erection last without constant stimulation?

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Borrowed this thread off of fixme on ... Just thought it was an interestin topic so i felt i should introduce it here .... from wat i remember wen i was pmoing i needed CONSTANT stimulation or my erections would go within a few seconds ... Now seems if im lyin down on my side it can last about 15 to 20 mins and maybe about 20 secs standing up ... mind u all dis is off of a drained prostate ...

DAY 17 of NO PMO ... Y is avoiding MO so hard?

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Wassup? Currently on another streak of No Mo and its funny that I dont really think of MO nowadays not unless its wen im under the influence of weed or alcohol .. had a good amount of liquor today and damn dis shit is a lil hard .... been edging myself to the bed for about half an hr right now and i thought about just letting myself cum but its really easier said then done ... i just kno i cant do that cuz anytime i MO after goin on a streak of no pmo my libido drops and goes on a vacation in malibu for a couple weeks for wateva reason or its just weak ....

Is It Really Impossible To Go One Year Without Orgasm?

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Was good? Havent been here in a min although ive been lurkin in the forums a bit and more on ur yourbrainrebalanced recently due to the fact that it is more PMO oriented but I really do ponder this question ... ive pretty much been back to a once/twice a week masturbation schedule after bingin to MO alot almost 2 weeks ago but no matter what I cant seem to get this obstacle out of my head ... Ive always suggested doin a year of no PMO but not sure if i could ever really do that ...

Successful Sex Last Week But .......

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I didnt use a condom and i only lasted a minute lol .... I guess thatd wat happens wen uve been out of the saddle for 10 months .... Also had very strong erections and even instances of viagra like erections although they just werent consistent .... Not mad at all bcuz i had to tell myself dont expect YEARS of PMOing multiple times a day to be cured in just a couple of months .... I had to learn that the hard way .... Nothing in life is easy especially dis rebooying "thingamajig" but if u stick at it and just have sone patience everything WILL pay off in due time ....

On Day 170sumthin ... Got A Quick Question For My Fellow Rebooters

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Ive been tryin to get back in the saddle of u kno wat i mean and for wateva reason I just dont got enough confidence in my erection sustainability to do so ... Im not sure if ive said but back wen i was 19 which was about a lil ova a year ago i use to rely on generic viagra to get me goin ..... It worked beautifully the first 10 times but after that the effectiveness just went down .... Its as if my body grew resistant to it ...

I Just Realized Something

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Well its been 49 days of my current 90 day battle of no PMO and wat I realized is i think our brains are alot more sensitive then we think .... Well i was watching a movie through my phone and it so happened that in that movie it had porn in it ... This shit hit me out of nowhere becuz the movie had nuttin to do about porn but in the midst of the two main characters talking you can see that they had a tv showin porn in the background ...

I Think I'm Cured!

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After about 143 of no P, with a few minutes of p in between and currently 36 days of no PMO (mixed with a good amount of edging recently) I can finally say my ed might be cured .... It's crazy because the day before my penis actually looked dead for sum odd reason ... Like it literally never looked so bad before in its life ... My usually big friend shrunk to about three inches or the size of a noodle .... Not used to seeing it like this, i didn't know whether to laugh or to be scared for my life .... shit literally looked lifeless ...

What do wet dreams feel like?

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I really mean how does it feel to orgasm from a wet dream? Is it more intense of an

orgasm then wen u masturbate? Is it less? Never had one before thats why I'm asking,

even when i went 56 days of no PMO .... Currently on day 18 of no PMO and i still dont

know what its look like to have one .... I probably had one wen i was 13 or 14 but not

too damn sure i would remember it