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Brain worms and plasticity

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Do we know what causes the brain worm sensation? As far as I can tell it is linked to addiction and recovery as it seems to only get triggered by thoughts related to topics of possible addiction. I also wonder if people addicted to healthy things like working out get these same worms. Is it like an inner child trowing a tantrum internally or more like a wormhole. I can't quite figure that out. It also can feel a little like a headache, but it is more focused and directional.

Energy levels

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It has been a while since I've managed to get past two weeks without orgasm. I read about others feeling bursts of energy when abstaining. I don't recall that happening, but I was under a lot of stress last time around. I'm thinking of using the goal of not feeling tired as a more positive goal than avoiding orgasm as a way to get myself back on track. I also like this goal because this goal is more within my control than say finding a partner where I cannot fully control success. To support my goal, I'm looking for some more info on the energy gain, the process, etc.

Blogging / journaling

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I'm trying to figure out why I was doing well for a period and am sliding backward at the moment. It is kind of weird as I can at times feel what seems like my brain shuffling the wires around. I notice it more now on the downward trend than when I was on the upward trend. It is a bit like getting a headache in slow motion, but the headache never comes. It is a bit hard to sort out what brought about this current trend because too many things are always going on at the same time such that I don't know what causes what.