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I am in need of some support. It is challenging to be so passionate about Karezza and to have my partner be somewhat willing. I am the energy behind doing this and he is a resistant and intermitently willing participant. Maybe it is too much to ask for him to really put his energy behind practicing karezza. I certainly have my issues too. One of them is that patience isn't my strong suit. I am so excited about actually beginning to practice karezza in a sustainable way. Thanks



It's a big change

and people have to make it of their own free will. Maybe you could inspire him by sharing some stories of forum members. Here's a fun one of a guy experimenting:

Also prowl around on this page for tips:

Just be glad of any progress and ignore any setbacks. It's his body; he must make his own choices. Trial and error is actually a very effective way to learn things.

Good luck.

Marnia wrote:

[quote=Marnia]Trial and error is actually a very effective way to learn things.[/quote]

Isn't that the only way we learn things? Knowledge transfer is just learning from a summary of someone else's trial and error.

just set the example as best you can

We aren't quite there yet but we are pretty far along. It's taken us 3 or 4 months but the fantastic people here have helped me so much and you can learn a lot just reading their comments to my posts. I think you've commented on one or two in the past.

This stuff does take time. It can take time for a partner to want to do something differently. Months and maybe years.