Day 129 - Need to "restart" again.

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So, I'm calling this day 1. I have not PMO'd in 129 days, but I did come across come pornographic images, and I did MO intermittenly. Sex life with the SO is great, but I want to be sure my record is really clean. I really want this to authentically go away. Last wknd was a warning sign to the power of this addiction. I came across some "nude" images, and I was angry with my SO, and I shortly found mysefl watching videos. I didn't MO. I walked away. It lasted no more than 5 min. But I felt the "BUZZ" in my head, and it wouldn't go away. I feel fine today, and I feel pretty great. But I want all the effects to be gone. So I'm "restarting" this.

Hello Day 1.