Day 143/Day 1

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So yeah, I think I'm just as addicted to Oing as PMO. I get head cravings to M, it doesn't even require masturbation. I didn't really notice this before. Hm. I definitely notice a subtle difference now. Before, it was worse, however. MOing with fantasy seems to produce way more adverse effects than just Oing alone. weird. I don't know if it has something to do with my recent depression, it's hard to say. Tough stuff.


I think your observation

is spot on. Couples here have sometimes noticed that even during intercourse, "going for" orgasm produces more noticeable "fallout" over the following days than an orgasm that "just happens."

I think you may become less reactive with time, but for now, straight masturbation will probably cause fewer "ripples" than pumping up the experience with fantasy. Especially porn fantasy. Smile