Day 145/ Day 3

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Last night's depression got really bad and heavy, and then I realized that I had to work through it. It's funny. Anyway, I did some pushups, and felt a bit better. I've also been surrounding myself with more people. It feels good. Depression can easily suck you dry. Anyway, I felt the libido twitch a few times. But it's only no MO day 3. Can't wait for Day 33.



I worked out way more this week since I've noticed this. We'll see, I'm really just waiting on the No O thing to take effect....even if it's for another 3 months. Time will tell. I still do get cravings, but I don't respond to them or acknowledge them. But they're there, somewhere in the waaaay back of my head.

It's not so bad. I've never been this porn free. 2013, and no PMO ! First year that this has happened like this. I still have some issues to get past, but this year has taught me a tremendous amount of things. I will be working on my depressive thoughts with a counselor to find ways to get out of my negative thinking modes. I realize that I have this negative voice that always brings me down. It's always been there. We'll see though. I can't wait for the results.

Progress may seem slow

but you sound like you're actually making great strides. It seems like once you really make an effort to change, the right puzzle pieces begin to show up...even if they weren't the ones you were expecting. Smile