Day 151 - What connection means

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Still slipped into MOing today. But the effects aren't so bad this time. Something interesting I've noticed happening lately with my SO is that I feel more attracted to her/more respectful. Recently, I opened up to her about some of my personal struggles, something I kept shut real tight. She was very accepting, and since then I've felt closer to her.


Were you able

to MO without porn fantasy? Glad to hear the chaser is less. That's a good sign. So is the deeper connection with your sweetie.

You gotta're making progress.


I haven't MO'd to fantasy in a while. It was pretty much only sensation/memories with my SO. I've been fantasizing about my SO a lot - just sensual memories. I am also very attracted to girls I see on the street. They're all so sensual. Mmm. I would never try to do anything with them (I'm satisfied with my SO), but it's nice to have them around.