Day 158 - Just about healed

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I started seeing a therapist, and it has helped clear negative thinking patterns a good deal. I feel great. My libido is kicking in. Real women turn me on quite a bit. Real, average women. Mm. The other night the GF and I had some awesome car sex. We just kept going, and it felt wonderful. I felt very dominant, and assertive, and it felt awesome. I didn't really feel a need to stop or to O, I just loved going at it. I really think I'm benefiting from the therapy. But all in all, I have to say it guys. I'm healed. It took nearly two years, but finally, I'm free.

I'm working on getting rid of negative thinking. But The screen isn't even an option. Today after work, I drove to a coffee shop, explored the town, and endedup writing poetry on the side street under a shady tree. I didn't really plan this. I feel like I'm freeing the "me" by thinking positively. I feel free. I'm not perfect, but very much alive.

The work was worth the freedom.

I don't know if I'll check in here much, but I think I might down the road, just to say hi. Thank you all for your support. Thank you dear Marnia for your patience and support. I owe you and this community a good deal. You have made an extrodinary impact on my life, internet friend, and I am truly appreciative of you reaching out to an addicted stranger thousands of miles away. You have truly improved my life. Thanks so much to Gary and his dedication to this cause - without the knowledge put forth, I have no idea where I would be. There's a good chance I would be miserable, if not worse. You gave me hope when there wasn't any, and offered knowledge and an alternative explanation to some of my problems. You both are a godsend, and words cannot express how much you've done for me. I am forever grateful.




Thanks for your kind words

I'm really happy to hear you're feeling solid, creative and happy about life. I think it's time for a rebooting account! Wink

It's good to hear that the therapist is really helping too. There can be several pieces to these puzzles. It's important to keep digging when some piece is still missing.

All the best from both of us,