Day 8

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Sup dudes. Still sucks. I'm bitter and angry. Life's a bitch and then you die. I hate the fact that I've been such a pussy in the past. All I want to do is get even with the people who have burned me. I used to be all neo-hippy, peace+love, but that guy disgusts me now. Like, my stomach feels ill about it. It will be interesting to see who I become after this. I don't think it's healthy to be too nice or too mean to people. But I feel like my brain is kicking in and reacting to being mistreated.



most of it is me being a little bitch right now - but that's what I'm sick of. I know the withdrawals are going to suck. I'm just tired of a lot the emotional drag. I've been one to let go of things, but I think sometimes it was unhealthy. Meh, fuck all of this. It'll pass.