I thought I almost had the magic...still have work to do (Day 28)

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28 No P/ 18 No MO

I woke feeling ok. Not very energetic today. Kind of just "meh". I thought I might be on the upswing, but I still have a way to go. I've been feeling more cravings for M I think. Last night, I came across a few sensual/sexy images. I noticed that they had an impact on me, and I started to feel a rush, like in my head. I quickly realized what was going on, and turned off the computer immediately. It's weird, I have a craving to "watch hot stuff", and not MO - like I'm craving the stimulation. Maybe because I've been noticing hot girls everywhere now, so that gets me going. Who knows.

I started to get more motivated when I realized that although the reboot will likely improve my motivation, I can't use it as an excuse not to work on things now! So, I'm here at a cafe putting the work in. I'm going for a workout in a bit, and then returning.

The other thing I've noticed is that it has been harder to focus. I keep thinking of the girl I'm seeing. I also think I'm just starting to need a "relief". I'm sure she and I will experience that soon enough. For now, I think working out will help things along. I've also noticed that I've been more inactive/on the computer. That does not help. For one, it over-stimulates me, and two, I just feel lame about myself when I'm off it - like, "what did I just spend hours on?

PS I know something is working though, because I find myself staring at a girl across the cafe who's wearing no makeup (not super hot by today's standards), and I'm getting turned on. So that's good news. Like, I can only see her top half and she's wearing a sweater that covers everything...but I'm finding her very, very attractive.

I woke up with the morning glory, so that's good as well. My erections are like 75-80% and only happen in the mornings. I still feel life in it throughout the day though - just not 100% turned on phenominal pitch a circus tent status. Hopefully that will come soon (no pun intended....yes, yes it was! haha).

I'm still seeing the girl. I feel good about it. I want to slow things down sexually. I want to get to know her/bond for a bit more.


Sounds like you're doing well

We often hear guys say they'd rather give up masturbation than porn. Just shows you that their brains are wiring to pixels even more than partners. Watch for those cravings and apply the RedX. They're sneaky!