Whelp....day 16 relapse.

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i got home drunk, was pretty tired, saw an ad....now back to starting over. I'm still watching less than ever in my life, but I keep fucking up. Well, the way i see it is to jump right back on the wagon again. The cravings will likely be intense tonight and tomorrow. I plan on leaving my computer in my car. I don't feel like a failure, just frusterated and annoyed. I feel bested by my addicted brain. Stupid brain. Well, if it helps anyone, stay strong and get back on. Yeah, it would have been best to avoid this, but I let my guard down and paid the price. So, today is day one. Again. For the...4th/7th/12th time? Who knows. We have many day 1s.

Well, for morale purposes, I am not resetting my counter. This is how i see it: I fucked up on day 16. So tomorrow, I'm continuing on day 16 again. I'll keep trying day 16 until I pass it.



Goes to show how strong this addiction is. You're not alone in this struggle, however hard it may be. This is what it takes to get your life back. 90 days of rebooting, and being on your guard the rest of your life.

But it's worth it.