31 days Report

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Here i am again at 31 days of no PMO (at least 40 of no PM),

as i said this time i managed to make it "perfect" as i'm avoiding all kind of porn-like stimuli and even avoiding orgasms when i have sex with my wife. (She really see the difference in my performances and thinks i'm less selfish while doing it)

I have a couple of questions for experts:

1) After a month i can notice some cravings are coming back, will they go away?
2) I mentioned in the past that i developed a shemale/gay fetish that wasn't there before the HOCD kicked in and my porn tastes escalated... now i'm 31 days away from it but i know that if i had to relapse right now it will be to shemale stuff... it didn't lose its grip on me for the moment.
I can clearly remember when i was younger and maybe more balanced, i could easily get very turned on simply by remembering kissing sessions i had with some girls.
The question is, will this reverse? I can't really find any user account that after a reboot says his sexuality was restored to normal after developing of transexual / gay fetish.

as always sorry for my english, it's full of mistakes but i hope you all can understand the meaning