To karezza or not to karezza.

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No karezza "per se" in the last few weeks, but we have had lots of bonding behaviors without planning them, and sometimes are not able to have intercourse because of my lower back injury. ( I am having surgery the 27th and intercourse will be off the table for a few weeks). We regularly give each other genital massages, and he is really enjoying giving me oral. It seems he absolutely loves pushing me over the edge, "giving me" pleasure, and setting me off when I try so hard to keep my energy level and calm. It's the ultimate reward for him, to force me to lose control. I have introduced him to the website, but he doesn't seem interested in reading about or pursuing karezza type sex, even though he loves the bonding behaviors I initiate. He loves getting the groin massages and claims he is not "goal oriented" during intercourse..(.meaning he isn't looking to orgasm himself but to make me orgasm.) I will continue to practice the way on my own, trying to eliminate orasam from my sexual habits. Anyone have any tips or tricks they would like to share to help me with sex after my surgery, dealing with a partner who tries to edge/ make you come, and keeping the balance?



I'm guessing

that the tensing of muscles near climax will be painful after surgery. Maybe you could ask him not to push you over the edge, as a medical matter for a month or so.

Wait, isn't the point NOT to avoid orgasm?

"trying to eliminate orgasm from my sexual habits."

The book says the point is not to avoid orgasm but to relax etc. You might have to be like men who are premature ejaculators - think of your grandfather's dirty underwear, baseball statistics, whatever. lol

I say you are a woman, why avoid what is natural? Your man should avoid it for obvious reasons - dopamine crash. Work on HIM while you enjoy the oral sex.

Why doesn't anyone hear talk about oral sex for women? Most women I know would find a man NOT giving oral sex a relationship-breaker. Yes, it is that important to women. To deny them the ultimate pleasure REALLY makes them not want to give affection, etc.!